I was a Child Bride - Day 7

Oh how I loved to play bride when I was little.  My dear Aunt made me a bride's dress complete with veil and flowers.  She even bought me a cheap wedding and engagement ring set at the dime store.  

My Bridal dress I got for Christmas

I felt so beautiful.  I've lost count how many times I was married.

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Lea said...

Oh how lucky you were to have such a sweet aunt. My aunt that raised me indulged my desire to play dress up and I had a few fairy and princess dresses. She even bought me a nice blonde wig so I could be blonde if the mood struck! I was an only child so I had a very vivid imagination! I love your picture, you looked so cute as a child bride!

Ellie-TheForgottenMuse said...

I love that you were able to play like this. This reminds me of picture I saw at the thrift store yesterday of little girl playing in the attic dressing up as a bride. I almost bought it because of the sweetness of it.

Jean Maurie said...

You had a wonderful, sweet aunt like I did Lea. I was also an only child and back then almost the only grandchild so they doted on me. I'm glad you had your sweet aunt too. Thank you for replying.

Jean Maurie said...

Yes Elle, I am so glad I got to play like this too. It helped make up for all the surgeries I went through.

What a lovely picture. Maybe you can go back and buy it if you want.

Thank you for replying.

Rach K said...

Imagination and play are so, so important. I love seeing the picture of you too!