God Created the Earth and then She Painted it

Growing up in New Jersey I had a school phobia so in the fall I didn't see the beauty because I was so afraid of going to school.  Then we moved to South Florida and yes Florida has it's own version of fall. The light changes, some flowers bloom in the fall and we could grow vegetables that were too hot to grow in the summer.  But it was not the same as fall in the North.   I would watch the NY marathon just to get glimpses of the colorful leaves. We moved to North Carolina in 2000 and have been enjoying fall ever since.  Here is my 2017 version.


This was filmed in my neighborhood before the clouds and rain moved in.   The colors are so vibrant in the sunrise.

Yesterday we drove out to Looking Glass Falls in Transylvania County, NC through Pisgah Forest and found some beautiful pictures.

There were a lot of people watching the waterfall and people were taking turns taking pictures of each other. Several times I offered to take their pictures together and they happily said yes.  One man took a nice picture of the two of us. 

Before I close I want to share my close-up video of Looking Glass Falls.


Ellie-TheForgottenMuse said...

How beautiful!

The last waterfall I saw up close was Anna Ruby Falls in North Georgia. I could have stayed in that spot all day.

Thank you for sharing <3

Jean Maurie said...

Thank you for reading and commenting Ellie. We are fortunate that the falls are not far from where we live. Yes Ruby Falls in North Georgia is gorgeous too. So is North Georgia with the mountains.

Unknown said...

Ah! So beautiful!! Thank you for sharing!!