My life has evolved and is so different from the me's that I have been back through the years.

How cool is this! Imagine being born in a time when there were no TV's, and seeing the changes from tiny black and white tv's to color, to Big Screens. We used to listen to our favorite shows on the radio and used our imagination to visualize the scenes.

From telephones where we picked up the receiver and heard an operator say, "number please" to rotary phones, then smart phones.

Then from bulky expensive computers to light weight, rather inexpensive laptops and tablets.

I couldn't even tell anyone what I wanted to be when I grew up - it hadn't even been invented yet!!!

Who would have thought that this child who felt like she didn't feel like she fit in with her peers and felt really stupid in school, turned out to love posting on Facebook, twitter and creating her own web page with 1411 Facebook friends, many who really like her!!! This is an amazing and healing Ah Ha!! Wow!!!

Now having her own blogtalk radio show, Personal Empowerment For Your Soul with co-creator Maggie Lukowski.

Life has been full, curious and I wonder what's coming next!


Unknown said...

That's so crazy JM! I mean I know how much has just changed since I was lil.. I have to tell you that my first phone... I LOVED and was actually a big black heavy rotary phone :) my parents I think are the same age as you about and so...we still had a lot of their things when I was lil (my mom is a cancer... she does;t like to get rid of things!!)
Thank you for sharing! and ps... I am one of the friends that likes you :)

Unknown said...

I just love this post and it brings back memories when I would walk to see my mother at Sears when she worked on a switchboard. Much love and thank you for your friendship!!

Jean Maurie said...

Thank you for your comment Mimi, Iso appreciate your feedback. I do love these changes and I get excited when I can type to my friend in Sweden or we get on Skype to talk. Who would have thought it? It will be amazing to see the changes in the future too.

Thank you for liking me. I like you too.

Jean Maurie said...

Maggie, did your mother like working on the switchboard? I think I would have liked to work someplace where I could communicate with people rather than typing in an office. Switchboard work does sound interesting.

Thank you for your comments and for being my co creator on our show together.