Friday, April 25, 2014

Daring to Find Myself

This morning I saw this picture on Facebook and it triggered some heavy emotions in me.  I could hardly catch my breath as I read these words.  I let fear rule my life. Now that I've been involved with EFT, especially Thriving Now with Rick Wilkes and Cathy Vartuli, I'm learning to find those pieces of me I hid because I was afraid of being judged how I looked, how i spoke, and more.  I've climbed a few emotional mountains and found bravery within I never knew I had. I'm sure there are more pieces of myself I can reclaim as I continue to climb mountains, drive to unknown places and dance to my music. Does anyone want to join me?


leslie rosenberg said...

Climbing mountains is difficult and possibly very foolish to attempt the climb without an experienced guide. Thriving Now and emotional freedom guides such as Rick and Cathy guide us to find our own inner guides and reclaim lost parts of ourselves and discover the parts we have never acknowledged. At the same time finding companions to support and encourage us along the climb and to share the wondrous view we find. You are brave and climbed more than a few mountains and have been an inspiration to others

Simone said...

Yes, so much more fun and rewarding to climb these mountains together!

Jean Maurie said...

Thank you for your lovely comments Leslie and Simone.

Oh Leslie, sometimes I don't feel all that brave, but thank you. I am glad I'm an inspiration. That is very nice to hear. I truly think this may be my reason for this lifetime, to inspire.

Sometimes I wish we all lived closer so we could hold each other's hands while we climb. But we are so blessed to have each other and our tribe.

bbtrixie said...

Glad to be here ! :) We'll have SUCH fun !