Today on Ellen's show she showed us in her own funny way how Siri works on the Iphone.  I had heard about it but I don't have an Iphone so I hadn't actually seen it work.  This made me think of a DOS program I used to have way back when computers were very expensive and we had to use floppy disks to get any programs to work.  Plus we only had 64 KB of ram.  I won't say "those were the days" because I love all the speed and memory we have today, but the Commodore 64 was a fun machine and I played a lot of games on them.

The DOS program that reminds me a little of Siri was called Dr. Sbaitso.  Does anyone remember him?  I could type a question and he would answer it with his limited programmed language.  Here is an example:

One night when my Grand daughter was spending the night with us, she was playing with it.  She was about 5 or 6 and she got bored, so she typed "Goodbye".  Dr. Sbaitso said, "I'm not finished with you Tiffany."  Her eyes got real big, she leaped out of the chair, tore out of the room and insisted that all the doors and windows be shut and locked.  It was quite funny, but not to her.  The next morning she was brave again and wanted to play Dr. Sbaitso to see what he'd say. She remembers this twenty five years later.

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