Welcome to the first day of Spring 2012. According to the Old Farmer's Almanac this is the earliest spring in 116 years.
Spring is my favorite time of year. When I think back to the springs of my childhood in south Jersey I remember finally being cut loose from my bulky snowsuit. I felt like the little kid on The Christmas story who got all bundled up and couldn't move. Mom was a bit over protective thinking if I was warm enough I wouldn't get sick. I sweat a lot. Ha ha. Next came Easter with new clothes and my shiny patent leather shoes. I loved the Easter music in church too. After church my cousins would drive up from Md and we hunted for our Easter baskets at our Grandmother's house. Jellybeans and coconut filled chocolate eggs were my favorites.
My birthday is in May and when I was ten I was finally able to ride my bicycle in the street where there never was much traffic. At the end of May school let out for the summer. What a wonderful feeling to be free for 3 whole months to read, play hopscotch, catch fireflies and play hide n seek until dark. When I was a teenager we moved to Florida and spring took on a whole new meaning. I spent as much time as I could on the beach.
I asked my Facebook friends what spring meant to them and Lori talked about being able to get back to riding horses, my son said surfing without a wet suit, Deb said, rain, lightening and thunder, popcorn, blankets and giggles. Karyn said, honeysuckle and the earth smelling fresh. Others said planting their gardens,picnics, apple blossoms, tulips and bare feet. What wonderful memories! I thank you all for participating. Now I want to hear what your favorite memories are about spring.


MO Min Pin Rescue said...

It's so warm already! It's early. I love warm weather, so I don't mind. Great post!

Jean Maurie said...

It is, I put on shorty pj's last night and even this morning they are still warm enough. Wonder what the summer will be like. Thanks for commenting. :)