RIP Phoebe Snow

Monday afternoon I fell asleep and dreamed of my dead friend James. Before he died we agreed he would contact me if he could. During my nap it felt like we were talking through Skype. I told him I didn't have my camera hooked up and he reached through on Skype and handed it to me. He told me that someone was going to die that would make me sad. There was something about Poetry or a blog. The dream felt very real and I even heard the sound of his voice. I have had precognitive dreams before of people going to die that have come true, so it really made me wonder who this was going to be.

Today I picked up the paper and learned Phoebe Snow died yesterday. She wrote and sang Poetry Man. It was her big hit. She gave birth to a severely brain damaged daughter and she put her music career on hold to take care of the girl.

My friend James introduced me to Phoebe Snow because Poetry Man was one of his favorite songs. So when I read of her passing it clicked, this is who he said was going to die that would make me sad. And in the dream were the words poet and blog. So I'm blogging about the Poetry Man song and Phoebe Snow.

I was able to see her live at Sunfest one year when we lived in West Palm Beach, Fla. It was very crowded and I don't generally like crowds. But i was able to wiggle my way up to the front and stood right below her as we all swayed and sang with her. It was an awesome evening that I won't forget.

So here is Phoebe Snow singing Poetry Man. I hope you all enjoy her like I do.

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