Wednesday's Free Tarot Class - Judgment

Hi and welcome back to our Wednesday Tarot class. This week we are going to learn about a most interesting card called Judgment. Yes, I know, we don’t like talking about being judged, do we? We feel like we’ve been judged enough, haven’t we? This card is not so much about being judged, as it is a reward for all you and I have gone through. Plus in all actuality we judge ourselves more harshly than others judge us.

Take a look at the Judgment card in your Rider-Waite deck or the card above. It looks like a bunch of people are standing in coffins praying to a huge angel who is blowing a horn and carrying a flag with a red cross on it. What is this all about? This card, like all the others, is filled with symbols. Can you see that flag with the red cross on it as the symbol of help? Who is bringing you aid? A huge angel! Didn’t we meet another huge angel in the Lovers card? Isn’t it neat that God and the Universe brings us help when we need it? We are never alone. Someone once wrote, “Do you have any idea how many Angels you have around you who want to help you with the problems you encounter in life? Most of us feel so alone and have no idea how much unseen help we have available to us. YOU ARE NEVER ALONE!! No matter how sad, stressed or lonely you feel, there is always help for you! And you don't have to join a church or be religious to receive this help either.” In this card we actually get to see a picture of a helping angel calling us to come out of our coffins where we buried our true selves when we tried to be “normal” and follow the rules set by society, our parents and teachers, when we stopped thinking for ourselves. This is the Angel Gabriel blowing his horn to release us from our limitations! This is our reawakening, our arising from the tombs of false beliefs. This is what is meant by being “born again.” We’ve gone through many initiations from the fool to judgment, from zero to twenty. We have walked through fire and storms. Isn’t it about time that we get our rewards, that we are indeed renewed and born again? You have reawakened to who you really are! This wonderful card shows us that by going through all these trials and tribulations we have developed the ability to bring out the best in ourselves, so now we are ready to help others bring out the best in themselves.

Many times people complain about their rough childhood, how they were mistreated, how hard their life has been. They think that if they’d had an easier childhood their lives would be better. For many people this is the opposite. Because they had a rough childhood, experienced pain and hardships, they grew and became more understanding and compassionate. All their suffering has made them become their best selves. The judgment card shows us that after the tower burned up our egos, our newly regenerated child within is now whole and Holy. Our Holy Child now faces the Angel Gabriel looking for direction. No longer do we have to struggle with hardships and pain. Or if we find ourselves beginning to doubt and take on struggle again, we know who to turn to. Know that this card represents the Fool, who, by his efforts and courage has found the secrets of life. If you get this card in a reading, know that any lawsuits you are involved in will turn out positively. Know that your troubles are about to come to an end. Realize that indeed, you do have Angel Guidance that you can turn to at any time. Notice the seven rays that are emanating from Gabriel’s horn. These represent the seven musical notes that correspond to our seven energy chakra’s Notice again naked people on a card. They aren’t ashamed anymore of who they are. Notice the four squares on the red cross flag. This represents each of the elements we need to help us make good decisions: Fire (inspiration and the energy to accomplish what we need), water (feelings and emotions), Air (thinking and communicating so we can discriminate), Earth (manifesting). The number twenty = 2, balance, which is what we have become in our travel through the cards – balanced. The planet Pluto represents the Judgment card. The energy of Pluto is like that of the Hindu God Shiva, which is both the creator and destroyer. Pluto is both the death and rebirth planet. When Pluto comes into our lives it tears things down so we get another chance to create differently. With Pluto there is always transformation. Realize that now you have reached a place where you are using good judgment by knowing your real self, your self within and enjoy its blessings.

Judgments advice:

Have a vision of your ability to create a new you
Know that every thought creates a seed for your future
Know you are truly made of boundless energy and infinite light
Ask yourself how judging yourself and others can be disadvantageous to your growth
Ask yourself how you can hear your angel’s guidance every day

Next week we will discuss the last card in the Major Arcana, the World. After that we’ll have fun exploring the minor cards and the people cards – the page, knight, king, queens. So until we meet again, Angel Hugs,

Jean Maurie

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