Wednesday's Free Tarot Class - Temperance

Hi and welcome to our Wednesday Tarot class. This week we’re meeting Temperance. Now that we’ve experienced all that turmoil and change from the death card, its time we take a look at what we learned from it. What can we take with us so we don’t have to get so scared again if we have to go through changes in our life – and we will and are continuing to!

This neat card – Temperance is ruled by Sagittarius and is represented by the Archangel Michael. If you take a look at number XIV – Temperance in the Rider-Waite deck you’ll see an angel pouring something from one cup to another. This is energy. He’s pouring energy, the subconscious of the silver cup into the golden cup of the conscious – the unseen to the seen and back and forth. This card is all about vibration and radiant energy. He is teaching us that energy can be controlled, that everything is in our hands and we bring our problems to ourselves. He is showing us that we can master our own thoughts and that our angels and spirit guides are here to help us. We can be at home in the spirit world and the physical world as we learn to master our own thoughts.

Whether we believe it or not, everything is energy and everything vibrates at certain frequencies. Whatever thoughts we focus on is what we are energizing. Are you angry all the time or worrying constantly? What energies are you vibrating to – peace, love, and happiness or anger, revenge, pain and suffering?

Take a look at Archangel Michael, the Temperance card. Do you see what looks like rays emanating from around his head? This shows that he has reached another level in his travels through the spiritual realms. He is in touch with his higher self. The Hebrew name for Temperance is Samekh, meaning support. He takes what he’s learned in the previous journey through the cards and begins to use it consciously. He has reached a new plateau, which, when applied to his every day life, with practice, will make the rest of his journey easier. Plus he is becoming more aware of those wonderful tools he’s possessed all along.

The death card represents releasing our ego and now we have to decide if we are going to continue over reacting to everything that confronts us in life, or are we going to stop, turn to our own Archangels, who accompany us through our life, letting them show us new and better ways of living.

What is your life about since we started the Fool’s Journey in the Tarot cards? Have you begun seeing life a little differently? Are you still over reacting or have you gotten all fired up to make some worthwhile and creative changes? I know I have changed since I started writing these articles. I decided to get some help for some issues that have been blocking me. How are you doing? Who is your support now – the old you who might have dramatized things in the past, or has a new, wiser, calmer you begun to emerge? Or maybe you realized that, “hey I’m angry and I never told anyone.” Maybe its time to acknowledge your “fire within”, be honest with yourself and find healthier and more creative ways to let these emotions have their say and be released. It’s better than pushing your feelings down and denying them. However, you don’t need to stay angry. Once you acknowledge your feelings and where they are coming from - without attacking anyone verbally, or physically – you’ll be freer to heal so your beautiful, loving self can emerge freely and genuinely. As you change you’ll find your friendships and relationships deepening.

With one foot in the water and the other foot on land, our Archangel Michael is no longer living only in the mental and intellectual world. He is more balanced – neither overly spiritual which can be pious, nor overly mental. He now knows how to use both his intellect and his spirituality in harmonious balance to achieve his goals.

Temperance Advice:

Communicate your feelings
Express your range of feelings creatively
Achieve equilibrium
Begin seeing all sides
Find the middle ground.

Next week we’re meeting the Devil. Believe it or not, I kinda like this guy- which I’ll explain.

Angel Hugs, Jean Maurie

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