Wednesday's Free Tarot Class - Star

Hi and welcome to our Wednesday tarot class. This week we are going to “hitch our wagon to a star”! Doesn’t that sound like fun after meeting Death, The Devil and getting into that burning Tower? The Star card is a good one to get at this time of year because it is like the Star of Bethlehem. Why? Because like that star that led the wise-men to baby Jesus, you are made of star dust and when you recognize how wonderfully and beautifully you really are, you can begin guiding others to their own Christ within, or their own starlight!

Together we’ve been through eighteen lessons that our fool has had to walk through to get to his star. Take a look at the star in your Rider-Waite deck or the picture above. See there are eight eight-pointed stars in the sky. One plus seven equals eight. Which is what the star number seventeen adds up to. Eight is the card of Strength. Look what we’ve just gone through – death, the devil and a falling tower! Do we need to fear anything else? When you are faced with what appears to be insurmountable obstacles in your life, think back to how you overcame other obstacles and setbacks. Remember the flaming tower, and then keep in mind the calm after the storm, which is represented by the Star. It was like watching the fall of the Devil’s kingdom.

The astrological sign of Aquarius, the water bearer, represents the Star. See how she has one foot in the water and is kneeling on the ground? She is balancing herself in the waters of the sub consciousness but the earth is holding her weight. She is a Goddess, the Empress, and Mother Nature. She’s pouring the waters of life onto the material earth. The ripples of water represent our five senses that we vibrate to and eventually go out into the universal consciousness. There are seven smaller stars, which represent the seven charkas. (The Energy centers that are the openings for life energy to flow into and out of our aura) All of these stars represent cosmic energy, which is what we are made of. The Goddess star has been soul searching after the fall of the tower – like the calm after the storm. She’s been through challenges just like you and I will continue to do. But instead of letting these challenges defeat us, we grow stronger and learn that we need to go within for more inspiration and guidance. We have to be completely honest and true to ourselves which is what the star’s nudity represents. As we learn to meditate more to seek guidance and wait for true answers, our trial periods will become less and less. We need to take charge of our mind, body and emotions so we don’t let our egos get the best of us again, otherwise we could find ourselves in another tower-like situation where everything seems to be falling apart.

Meditation doesn’t always mean turning off the phone, putting a do-not-disturb sign on the door and trying to clear your mind of all thoughts. The meaning of meditation is a “contemplative discourse, usually on a religious or philosophical subject; contemplation on a subject intention or expectation.” What do you think about most of the time or contemplate on during the day? Take another look at the Star. What message does the star Goddess have for you? Think about the star when you awaken, especially if you find yourself thinking fearful or negative thoughts. Realize that you have your own star Goddess within, who is there to help you with brilliant star-like ideas, to help you live in the light, to help you be the light in other people’s lives. Begin to recognize your own star-like qualities and start to follow your own star!

If you get the star in a reading, know that for you it is a time of self-reflection, and you need to start believing in yourself. If you don’t like your job, know that doors of opportunities will open and new opportunities come. If you are looking for romance, know that either you will meet someone promising or you will receive guidance about what to do to help the relationship you are in. Know that you are vibrating at a higher level now and you can create a better life for yourself.

The Star’s advice:

Follow your star and be ready for success
Gifts of the spirit are on their way be ready to accept them
Radiate, twinkle, think beautiful and inspirational thoughts
Express your beauty for the world to see, claim your sacred space
Insight, love, helping and inspiring others.
What you think and contemplate on is what you create for yourself

Nest week we will learn about the deep and intuitive moon card. Until then.
Angel Hugs, Jean Maurie


Xmichra said...

great post!! The star has long since been one of my favorite cards. Great description :)

Jean Maurie said...

I am glad you like it. It is a promising one. I personally like the sun too. Thanks for reading and commenting. Hugs, Jean Maurie