Opening up

Today I'm going to buy the book, Writing Down Your Soul by Janet Conner. I am following her blog and I realize that I need to get in touch with some emotions that I've been sucking in, instead of releasing. When I do that my body kicks me in the back or the gut and says, "hey you're doing it again." I'm tired of hurting so I've decided to take the next step and hope I feel better.

I think Susan Boyle the woman who dared sing in front of everyone in England has inspired me. As I watched the video and saw the snickers and the rolling eyes of people who thought, "someone as ugly as her is going to sound terrible" it brought back many memories of my life when people stared at my cleft lip. Some kids in school told me that I had a quiverlip and teased me. Another said she would be friends with me when no one was around. I should've beat her up but I didn't fight. Instead I sucked it up. So watching the audience before Susan sang felt like I was getting kicked in the gut. It felt too familiar. Then when she sang and everyone took another look it was wonderful and I sobbed. I took singing lessons too but I'll never sing like her. I also don't need to worry so much about how I sound either because, like Susan, I can be who I am and be proud of it.

There, I opened up! It wasn't too bad.

Ok let's see what tomorrow brings and what I will open up about.

Hugs, Me


MO Min Pin Rescue said...

You are an inspiration! :) I am reading that book and I'm going to start doing the exercises in the book. I figure for it to work you have to do it. Kind of like watching an exercise video - it's not going to work for you if you sit on the couch and eat a cheeseburger while watching the video. :) We both can do it!

Jean Maurie said...

Aww thanks Lori. Isn't it neat how we can all inspire each other? I love it. You are so right, we can read and read and read but if we don't do it then what's the point. Guess my next step will be driving more. Oy. But hey one step at a time. Right now all's I know is I am tired of sucking it up!!

Janet Conner said...

Jean Marie: Thank you so much for finding and sharing my book, Writing Down Your Soul. I, too, am inspired by Sara Boyle. My next blog is going to be about her. Seems she has transfixed the world. Like Lorielle, lots of readers tell me they fly through the book, loving it, but if they go through it too quickly, they don't start writing. And writing is the point! So I broke the book into thirty short segments with reflections, activities, and writing prompts and posted the Thirty Day Guide to Writing Down Your Soul at I use it when I teach and within days people are connected and know they are connected. It truly is a profound practice. Thanks for telling the world about it!

Spirity said...

Hi Jean Maurie ! :)
This is the first post I've read, and I was so touched. Wasn't Susan Boyle amazing? My daughter and I watched it on YouTube and I was so moved by the entire segment that I began to cry. It was so inspirational. I bet there will be a book and a movie about her story one day! lol
It obviously was a major catalyst for you too- we all have special gifts to share, and we are all beautiful. Have you ever noticed that many who are considered "beautiful" don't have much going on under the hood?? lol Beauty comes from the heart and the Spirit, and there are many who realise that and are drawn. All we have to do is shine our authentic light and people will be drawn:)
Thanks for opening up and sharing - it's healing for you, and a gift to us.


I would have had this posted much earlier, but had the darndest time getting a Google account corrected! lol I was determined to say hello! :)