Free Wednesday Tarot Class #2

Hi and welcome to the Wednesday Tarot Lesson. This week we are examining the second Tarot card, the Magician. When this card comes up in a reading it is all about making things happen – transformation and materialization. He is number 1, which represents the Aces, the zero’s ability to turn dreams into physical form.

Remember the Fool last week? He had all his tools for transforming his life in his knapsack that he carried over his shoulder. The Magician’s mental tools of life are right in front of him on a table so he can occupy himself investigating how to use them. They are the wands (spiritual, action, courage, enterprise and is associated with element of fire); Cups (love, emotions, intuition, birth, marriage and is associated with the element of water); Swords (problems, troubles, mental attributes, strife and adaptability. The sword is associated with air). Pentacles (money, health, dependability, material possessions and is associated with the element of Earth), These same elements are found in astrology too.

If you look at the Magician he is standing in a garden filled with beautiful flowers. Above him is the figure eight turned sideways, the symbol of eternal life. He is holding a double-headed wand with one end pointing upward toward his Higher Guidance and the other end downward. He is able, with mental discipline, to bring the spiritual energy from above down to every day life and materialize his desires.

What areas of your life would you like to reconstruct, change, energize? Did you meditate on last week’s fool asking yourself “who’s life am I living?” Did you reflect on your career and whether you are living your passion? If so, now you can turn to the Magician within to help you make your adventurous fool’s hopes and dreams come true. Using your magic symbol of wisdom and power, you can discover your true talents and joys and begin expressing them. Visualize your world of possibilities; use what you already have in your life to begin manifesting your higher aspirations. If you want to change your career, find someone in your community who does this kind of work. They can give you pointers to help you get the training you need. If your problems are about love and relationships, what are you thinking? Are you stuck in the past, afraid to love again? Or are you focusing on the future, wondering if you’ll ever find your true love? What if you are in a relationship? Are you so busy dwelling on and remembering past hurts and worrying if they are going to call or what they are doing now? How about focusing on the here and now, tapping into your inner Magician and the tools at your disposal for change! Instead of comparing yourself with everyone else and wondering if you measure up, stop and pay attention to your thoughts. Do you spend most of your day worrying if he or she loves you or if you are good enough at your job? Actually worry is visualizing the worst. Because thoughts are energy, then your worry could actually be creating experiences you don’t want. “But I’ve always worried,” I often hear. That doesn’t mean you have to be a worrier for the rest of your life. Remember your magician within. You have to tools for change. Our creator gave these tools to us so we could transform our lives. Take your power back! Don’t waste your energy with worn out doom, gloom and worry – all negative energies.

Become your own Magician and use the tools that you were born with to heal your life. Become your own Divine Potential! Turn your worry energy into knowing that all things are possible when you begin to be more positive. That, in turn, can make you feel more self-confident, which in turn gives you clearer vision, which leads to finding do-able answers to those worries you are beginning to change. Yes it takes practice – lots of it! And yes, you will slip backwards from time to time. We all do. Just go oops, I slipped and pick yourself up and start again. Don’t waste more energy beating yourself up because you aren’t perfect. None of us are.

When you empower yourself and your life, then you can begin empowering others. They will want to know your secrets and ask you why you look so radiant these days.

Enjoy your new friend, your Magician within.

The Magician’s advice:

*Be imaginative realize you have a world of possibilities

*You can think clearly and make adjustments

*Use your magic everywhere you are

*Try different methods of communication to express yourself

*Create your own personal symbols


*Weave your dreams into glorious possibilities.

Next week we will talk about the beautiful Priestess and how you have your own intuition and Truth within you.

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MO Min Pin Rescue said...

This is a great idea - classes on the cards. I wish when I had started with Tarot, that I would have went through the cards one at a time and picked meanings based on intuition. :) You've done good with talking about all the elements of the cards. Thanks Jean!

Jean Maurie said...

Thanks Lori. But you know you can still do this. Your card readings would be based on your intuitions. You have a different slant on them.