Angels as Helpers

Today I'm rewriting my blog. I am changing it to one that talks about angels, tarot cards, astrology and related subjects.

I like the title imagination and me because much of our intuition and psychic abilities come through our imagination. When we receive angel communication it feels like we are making it up. I've heard, "Oh that's only your imagination!" I say, "Yay for our imagination because without it we would be like robots." Other times we get feelings in the pit of our stomach we call 'gut feelings'. This is also to be listened to. A lot of people don't like the word psychic because it conjures up images of fortune tellers out to swindle you. So I like the word intuitive better. We all have intuition. Some call it our sixth sense. We were born with it to help protect us from danger, to help us succeed, heal and make us happier.

We are never alone. There are unseen helpers all around us and all we have to do is ask them to help us. Our helper angels even find good parking places for us if we ask them instead of riding round and round. Their mission is to be of service and a lot of our struggles would be eased if we'd only relax more, begin to listen with our "inner ear" and open up to allow their gifts of help. It really isn't hard but if you aren't used to it then it can feel strange. Letting go and listening instead of fretting makes life much easier.

This doesn't mean we never have to do anything, it just means we don't have to struggle so much.

Just remember your angels love you now and forever.

I will be talking about prosperity and how we can help ourselves through these seemingly troubling times. Remember we are not alone and we can get help with new ideas, new ways to attract money to ourselves.

I close with ^i^ angel hugs,

Jean Maurie

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