Thirty Blogs in 30 Days - Day 30

 April 30, 2021 I've blogged every day with a fabulous, creative group of bloggers from Effy's Blog along.  The last time I blogged with the group I struggled what to write about. This time was much easier and more fun.  I would like to continue daily blogging but will I do it alone? I don't know.  I have a feeling it will be easier not to.  Yet this wasn't difficult.
Thank you Effy for providing this for us. I've enjoyed reading the blogs and writing them.

In six days I turn 85.  That's 595 in dog years.  As a child we had no televisions.  We listened to stories on the radio and made up the pictures in our heads. 

  When we picked up the phone to call someone the operator said, "number please" and we had to give her the number we wanted to call.  Our phone numbers were 3 digits.  We had a party line too, where if we picked up the phone to call, the person on the party line might be talking, so we had to hang up and wait our turn.

I lived through a lot of wars and have noticed war has not brought us closer to peace.  Wouldn't it have been wonderful if all the war money had been spent to make this world a better, safer place.  Maybe someday people will wake up. I remember the air raid sirens going off and we had to turn off all the lights and pull down the dark drapes.  My aunt was an air raid warden and would go out when the sirens went off to do her duty whatever that was.

We survived polio through vaccinations.  We survived measles, whooping cough, mumps, chicken pox and now Corona virus! 

I don't have a bucket list.  An astrologer said I would live until my middle 80s.  I'm not afraid to be dead, I just hope I die easy.  My husband is 30 days younger and our astrology charts are similar.  We both have Pluto opposition Pluto. Many people don't experience this because it takes Pluto 248 years to orbit the sun.  So the astrologers aren't sure what we're in for.  Ha ha.  Neither am I.  It does mean complete transformation.  At the same time I have the planet of quick changes - Uranus next to my Taurus sun.  Taurus does not like changes and this Uranus loves shaking up things.  I know what it means but not how it will play out in my life.  Luckily I'm curious.

I took to the computer, the internet like a duck takes to water and I am so glad.   From a childhood with no tv to an old lady enjoying social media, being on zoom, cell phones, online games - what a trip!

What's been my purpose on earth? I'm not sure.  Bravery, courage, my silly sense of humor, showing love, inspiring others, hopefully?  

I have over 60 years of filled journals.  The ink has faded so I can't read a lot of it.  I'm trying to figure out what to do with them.  Keep or toss? I've felt both strongly at times but they're still here. Maybe I should keep them and blog them.  Hmmmm, I don't think so... maybe bits and pieces?

I just found a check my grandfather wrote to someone in July 1917.  

What's next?  I doubt if I'll see world peace in my lifetime.  I believe in reincarnation and if you think about it, the people who didn't believe in Global warming could come back to live in another body in the middle of the aftermath.  

Ok folks that's all for today.  Thank you all for posting your blogs. I've enjoyed reading them. Thank you for commenting on mine.

Hugs and remember your angels love you now and forever...

Hodgepodge - Day 29

 Only one day left with blogging with Effy.  Gosh April went flying fast.  When I saw her invitation to join the blog-a-long it was already April 2.  But I caught up and now we're almost at the end.  That doesn't mean we have to quit blogging though and she is going to do another one in the fall.   Yay. Thank you Effy Wild.

I need a cook top and because of Covid the store I was going to get it from couldn't even order it until the middle of June.  Last night before shutting the computer down I saw an ad for a cooktop from another store and it said it would be delivered and installed around May 8 2021. I was so excited and put it in the cart.  But I didn't finish the order.  Hubby decided to call this morning and some customer support person in Pa that we could hardly understand said yes we could get it by that date.  Then we got disconnected. So he called again and this time we were told that it was back ordered and wouldn't be here until the middle of June.   I'm shaking my head like was this ad a come on?  I don't feel they were going to be able to deliver the cooktop in May at all.  Maybe, but it was such a disappointment.   We have maybe one burner that might work.  I bought one of those hot plates to use.  I have my instant pot, portable oven and microwave. But I was so excited last night thinking I could cook again on all four burners.  

After a few tears I got over it and am thankful for having gotten our vaccinations and so much more.  I could do a gratitude list but I've got one going on in my brain.


May is special - Day 28

 Three days until May.  Did any of you deliver flowers in May baskets and hang them on neighbors or friend's doorknobs?  I did it with my Grandmother and Aunt.  Did we knock on the door and hand them to people? I don't remember that but I would get pats on the head and cookies.  "Oh what a sweet little girl," they would say.  It made me happy and feel special.  

May is my birthday month too, another reason to feel special.  

I am blogging every day in April with a group of over 300 creative, fun people  here at Effy's blog-a-thong.  I am in love with blogging again and hope it continues.  Thank you Effy for holding this space for us to get together, share our blogs, read what others have written and comment.

1958 - 1959 - Day 27

 I've been sitting here perusing a book filled with old Coronet magazines from '58 - '59.  I like seeing old advertisements and articles from back then.  Ebay has a lot of these vintage magazines for sale.

They predicted the amazing phone of the future back in February 1959. That was 61 years ago.

It was predicted that it would end letter writing too and it looks like it basically has.

"In the kitchen, a speaker phone will enable wives to go right on with housework or cooking while they chat from any point in the room.

"And Junior will only need to pick up the telephone to be lulled to sleep by a recorded bedtime story."

" The housewife will be able to forget her chores.  A simple phone call will show her the butcher holding up a leg of lamb for inspection.  Similarly her children could learn their lessons over the TV telephone. "

They wrote about all this being possible because of the missile program.

It took them awhile but here we are.  Gosh I could remember when we picked up our phones and the operator said, "number please" and we had to tell her what number we were calling.

Number please

 How many of us could remember all the numbers we have now? I don't even remember my brother's number but it's programmed into my phone. 

I'm blogging every day this April with a creative group of over 300 bloggers on Effy's blog-a-long here.

Full Moon Baby - Day 26

Tonight the full moon is in Scorpio, opposite the sun in Taurus.  This is the moon I was born under.  I'm a full moon baby.  The moon is so beautiful tonight. Very large. I can imagine what she looked like coming up over the ocean, or over the mountains.  Scorpio is all about hidden things,  and because it is a water sign it is about emotions.  Moon is also feelings and emotions so a Scorpio moon can trigger a lot of deep feelings, some we didn't know we had hidden. Scorpio is intuitive too. 

Taurus is an earth sign, practical, loving, stubborn, want stability, pleasure seekers. We want to know why and how.  Prove it to us.

People with the Sun in Taurus and Moon in Scorpio have very complex personalities. They are passionate, mysterious and pleasure-driven people. ... Taurus Sun Scorpio Moon personalities tend to be secretive and they are usually guided by intuition. Their sharp intuition often makes other people rely on them for advice.

I am so glad the sky is clear tonight so I could take these pictures.  Yes I know I only touched on this subject briefly but because this is my birth moon it means a lot to me.

I'm blogging every day in April with a fabulous group of creative, loving bloggers here at Effy's blog-a-thong.


My First Wedding - Day 25

 I found a letter my mother wrote to her sisters dated January 8, 1945. There was a recipe for her meat loaf and she wrote, "though I'd think you'd have a hard time getting the meat."  This is because it was during the war and meat was rationed.   Mother mentioned about her sister Dolly who made a wedding dress for me.  She wrote, "It is beautifully done and Maurie (I went by my middle name then) looks like an angel in it.  We took pictures of her in it in front of our xmas tree and when we print them I'll send you one."

 Here I am in the dress

I'm blogging every day in April with a wonderful group of bloggers here at Effy's blog-along.

The Brellue - Day 24

 This rainy Saturday afternoon, day 24 of my blogging every day in April. Gosh only six more days to go.  

I like to be silly.  Even goofy too.  I make up lyrics to familiar tunes and don't hesitate to sing them in my house.  When my son was little I read him Dr. Seuss books and cracked myself up laughing so hard that he didn't know what was so funny - except Mama was almost screaming with laughter.  I never could read those books out loud without laughing.

That got me thinking what kind of things would I dream up if I was writing a silly book.   Well here is one silly animal I sketched.

The Brellue is a pretty one.  I hear he is lots of fun.  I wonder if there are some more like him behind the oven door.  You should be glad he doesn't look like you.

There are more - like Little Miss Yink, the Preen, Miss Maruple who always wears purple.  

I'm blogging every day in April with a fabulous group of creative, fun, sensitive, caring people in Effy's blog-a-thon. We are down to six more days and I don't want it to end. I am enjoying reading everyone's blogs and commenting when I can.