We HAVE Healing Angels !!

Do you believe in angels? Or do you believe they are just a fantasy? Do you wish you believed in angels? I always wanted to believe in them but was skeptical.  So so skeptical.  After all I'm a born and bred Taurus and wanted to make sure my beliefs could be proven.

Ok fast forward to when I got my first Tarot card reading.  It was at a flea market and I knew the reader.  I sat there with my arms crossed thinking "ok prove you can read my cards".  She tried.  But my skepticism was so strong she finally said, "I can't read you, your energy is blocked and I can't get through.  But you need to get your husband over here, he has a problem with his job."   I thought sure you just want to make more money.  But I told him and he got a reading from her.  Everything she told him was right on about his job and the outcome.   I was so amazed that I wanted to know more so I approached her again and picked her brain.   She said she could teach me how to read the tarot cards and my skeptical brain kicked in again but finally I relented.  Later when I started reading the cards I would have skeptical people come trying to get me to prove I could read their cards and I told them I understood how they felt because I did the same thing.  I'd get them laughing and they could relax enough so their energies were open enough to their cards read accurately.

But this isn't about tarot readings as much as it is about being skeptical.  So which of you wants to believe in angels but just can't for one reason or another?   I cannot prove to you that they are real but I can tell you some of my experiences and you can try them out for yourself. 
I took a class about tuning into your intuition and the teacher talked about our helper angels.  She specifically told us we all had a healing angel that we could call on in times of need.  Then she instructed us to become quiet and ask for the name of our healing angel.   Some of us have more than one.  I got the name Hippie a saw a picture in my mind's eye of what he looked like minus wings, and doubted that it was real but decided I'd accept it and see what happened.  I told her the name I got and she said it was perfect for me because of my offbeat personality.  

I had been having some pains in various places so I would acknowledge Hippy and ask for his help.  I began feeling better and the pains would go away.  I always thanked him for his help.  Yes I know aches and pains can come and go away on their own.  However I received messages of who to go to about this and that problem because Hippy wasn't only healing my body but giving me new ideas too.  I know just reading this doesn't prove anything but it sure has been a comfort for me.  

I remember one time in particular when I was getting ready to go to the dermatologist who always found something on my skin to biopsy.  I was anxious as usual.  I was taking a shower when I felt the energy change.  It felt warmer than usual and I wondered what I was feeling. I opened my eyes and saw a huge vision of a male shadow on the tile.  "You aren't going to get cut on today." I heard in my ear.   And I didn't! The doctor didn't find anything he wanted to biopsy and I felt my body relax, not only because I wasn't getting cut but because I got the wonderful message from my healing angel.

Do you want to know the name of your healing angel?  How about your Guardian Angel(s)?  Here is a link to Cheryl Richardson's first video on learning how to relax and meditate.  These are free and if you like it and it's helpful there are a whole series of them.  

Learn to Meditate

If you already know how to relax and meditate you can do that now and just ask for the name of your angels.  Then accept the first name you hear in your mind.  See what happens.  You might not get an answer the first time but play with this and see what happens.  

Easy Classes on how to Meditate That Works

February 20, 2022,

Meditation has never come easy to me.  I've tried different methods including clearing my mind of any thoughts which never worked.  Guided meditations have relaxed me but also put me to sleep.   I've always wished I could find a way to meditate that I could use to calm myself almost instantly when I needed before I climbed on that "Crazy Train" that Cheryl Richardson talks about.  Cheryl offered free meditation classes because she wanted to do something to help us all who feel so stressed out by all the changes that are going on in the world today.  I don't know how long these classes will last but I found a meditation that works for me.   She begins by talking about the benefits of meditation and tells her own examples of how it's helped her and people she knows.  Then we practiced.  Five minutes! I was amazed at how just five minutes of meditation can be so helpful and also how fast it goes. 

Cheryl wants us to share her free meditation classes so they will help others lower their stress levels, which will benefit us all.   

If this speaks to you here is the link to the three classes so far.  You can sign up to be on her mailing list to receive notices of these ongoing classes or her others. 

My 911 call to my angels worked

December 9, 2021

Today I had an appointment with my dermatologist for my six month checkup.   I've had a lot of basal cell carcinoma's removed from my body over the past thirty years.  Because of many surgeries as a child for a cleft lip and palate, I also have Post Traumatic Stress, so often impending doctor's appointments bring on high anxiety.   Today was one of them.  I wasn't afraid of what she was going to do to me though.  The anxiety felt like it was automatic.  So uncomfortable.  I did some EFT tapping and got some relief and I also took a quarter of an anti anxiety pill.  But more was needed.

I called on my angels.  "Help Angels!! I need help!! 911 Angels!!   This helped and by the time I got to the appointment I was calmer.   I walked into the office and up to the window to log in and what did I see but a beautifully decorated angel tree!  It felt like a sign.  It felt like a sign that my angels heard my 911 call.  You can call it a coincidence and I'm sure they didn't put the angel tree up for me, but it still felt like a sign and I will accept it.  Thank you Angels for hearing my call and helping calm me.  I did have another biopsy so the results remain to be seen.  If I need surgery I'll take my angels with me.  But hey, I know they are with me always and so are yours! 

Here are two pictures I took of the lovely angel tree.  Oh yes, calling 911 help angels has benefited me more than once.  

Now I want my own angel tree.

 Thank you for reading and hopefully commenting.  

Friday eclipse and more

November 19, 2021

I woke up around 3am and had to go outside to see the longest lunar eclipse in 600 years.  The moon was half covered and so pretty.   I wasn't able to capture the picture on my iPhone as well as what I was seeing with my eyes and I was a bit disappointed. But I saw the Little Dipper and a shooting star.  That was special.  I need to learn more about iPhone photography.  Here are the pictures of the eclipse. 

I was able to go back to sleep until the glitches started.  We must have had about 9 or 10 glitches but thankfully my UPS (universal power supply) worked and I didn't lose the internet or my computer.  Hubby called the power company and it was due to a power outage in the neighborhood affecting about 108 of us.  

So around 5 am I stepped outside again.  The wind had picked up and it felt colder than it did earlier. I had to walk down to the neighbor's driveway to get these pictures.  The eclipse was over and the full moon was spectacular and almost ready to set. 

Around 7 I saw this beautiful sunrise from my window.   I feel blessed to have been able to experience these wonderful moments this morning.  

Thank you for reading and replying if you felt led to. 

Halloween Through The Years

October 30, 2021,

I've always enjoyed Halloween as a child unless I was sick.  Although I've made myself sick from eating too much Halloween candy other years.   

Later as adults, my hubby and I dressed up and had  fun.  One year Bernie dressed up as a gorilla and couldn't see out of his mask so I drove.  I covered myself with green grease paint and went as Mrs. Jolly Green Giant. What a mess!  We were headed to a party when we decided to stop by the police station where a good friend was on duty.  As I drove he would turn and wave to people in the other cars. I could hear the children screaming and laughing at the Gorilla.  We walked into the police station and the lady sitting at the desk said, "Uh Oh!"  She called our friend and everyone had a good laugh.

Another time we dressed up as babies and went to a party.  Someone was dressed as a Priest and I kept following him around calling, "Daddy, daddy!"  I had a pacifier hanging around my neck and offered people sucks.  I was surprised how many accepted 😱

One year we went trick or treating in our neighborhood holding wine glasses instead of candy bags.  Not a good idea to walk and drink.  I had a baaad hangover and tried to fly home instead of walk. 

I don't remember what I was supposed to be this year but the costume was fun.  

Bernie dressed as a Mummy here and was a big hit. 
Have any of you had some memorable Halloween's? If so I'd love to know what they were.

Thank you for reading and replying if it felt right for you to. 


Food Receipts From 1902

October 20, 2021

I'm going through books and papers to see what I can recycle.  I don't 
want anyone else to have to do this when I am gone.  Not that I'm planning on leaving any time soon but one never knows. 

I found a small pile of grocery receipts from my Grandmother dated 1902.  What an interesting find!

October 15, 1902 

1 dozen eggs 28 cents
2 long bread 10 cents
1 lb. of butter 33 cents
1 ounce cinnamon 03 cents
1 ounce bay leaf 5 cents

July 17, 1902

1 lb. of butter 32 cents
1 and 5/8 lb. of butter 37 cents
5 lb. of ham @30 $1.00
1 broom 30 cents
10 lbs. of sugar 55 cents
1 loaf of bread 5 cents

October 2, 1902

1 chocolate cake 19 cents
1 dozen eggs 30 cents
1 lb. of roll butter 29 cents
5 lbs. of sugar 25 cents
1 quart of molasses in jar 12 cents
2 boxes of sardines 20 cents
5 lbs. of lard 42 cents

That's all for now but I have an account book that my grandmother kept for my mother.  I think she kept one for all the children.  Mother was born in 1917 and the entries go on until I was born. That will be another blog if I find it interesting enough to share.

Thank you for reading and replying if that feels right to you.

Falling Leaves and Releasing Thoughts

October 15, 2021

Whenever I see fall leaves swirling and dancing from the tree branches, I wish I could release my negative or scary thoughts as easily. Why is it so hard to let go? Why do we hold on so tightly? I don't know the answers but I invite you to enjoy this beautiful video. I watched as tears filled my eyes and called on my angels to gently help me release easily like the leaves.

What helps you release and let go? Is it easy or difficult? 

Thank you for reading and maybe replying.