Food Receipts From 1902

October 20, 2021

I'm going through books and papers to see what I can recycle.  I don't 
want anyone else to have to do this when I am gone.  Not that I'm planning on leaving any time soon but one never knows. 

I found a small pile of grocery receipts from my Grandmother dated 1902.  What an interesting find!

October 15, 1902 

1 dozen eggs 28 cents
2 long bread 10 cents
1 lb. of butter 33 cents
1 ounce cinnamon 03 cents
1 ounce bay leaf 5 cents

July 17, 1902

1 lb. of butter 32 cents
1 and 5/8 lb. of butter 37 cents
5 lb. of ham @30 $1.00
1 broom 30 cents
10 lbs. of sugar 55 cents
1 loaf of bread 5 cents

October 2, 1902

1 chocolate cake 19 cents
1 dozen eggs 30 cents
1 lb. of roll butter 29 cents
5 lbs. of sugar 25 cents
1 quart of molasses in jar 12 cents
2 boxes of sardines 20 cents
5 lbs. of lard 42 cents

That's all for now but I have an account book that my grandmother kept for my mother.  I think she kept one for all the children.  Mother was born in 1917 and the entries go on until I was born. That will be another blog if I find it interesting enough to share.

Thank you for reading and replying if that feels right to you.


Nolwenn said...

I find it fascinating :) Do you have plans for what you'd like to do with these receipts?

Ellie-TheForgottenMuse said...

Oh how cool is that!
I have some receipts of my grandparents from when they got
married in 1964 for furniture.

Jean Maurie said...

No Nolwenn I don't have plans for the receipts. Do you have any suggestions?

Jean Maurie said...

Wow,Ellie, 1964! I am sure I have some entries in my journals around that date for things I bought too. Maybe I shouldn't shred my journals after all. Thanks for the idea and replying.

Sue B said...

Oh these are fascinating, Jean! Brooms were so cheap! Lol! If you were willing to part with them I wonder if a local museum might be interested in them? I'm not sure I could part with them personally though. <3