My 911 call to my angels worked

December 9, 2021

Today I had an appointment with my dermatologist for my six month checkup.   I've had a lot of basal cell carcinoma's removed from my body over the past thirty years.  Because of many surgeries as a child for a cleft lip and palate, I also have Post Traumatic Stress, so often impending doctor's appointments bring on high anxiety.   Today was one of them.  I wasn't afraid of what she was going to do to me though.  The anxiety felt like it was automatic.  So uncomfortable.  I did some EFT tapping and got some relief and I also took a quarter of an anti anxiety pill.  But more was needed.

I called on my angels.  "Help Angels!! I need help!! 911 Angels!!   This helped and by the time I got to the appointment I was calmer.   I walked into the office and up to the window to log in and what did I see but a beautifully decorated angel tree!  It felt like a sign.  It felt like a sign that my angels heard my 911 call.  You can call it a coincidence and I'm sure they didn't put the angel tree up for me, but it still felt like a sign and I will accept it.  Thank you Angels for hearing my call and helping calm me.  I did have another biopsy so the results remain to be seen.  If I need surgery I'll take my angels with me.  But hey, I know they are with me always and so are yours! 

Here are two pictures I took of the lovely angel tree.  Oh yes, calling 911 help angels has benefited me more than once.  

Now I want my own angel tree.

 Thank you for reading and hopefully commenting.  

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