Friday eclipse and more

November 19, 2021

I woke up around 3am and had to go outside to see the longest lunar eclipse in 600 years.  The moon was half covered and so pretty.   I wasn't able to capture the picture on my iPhone as well as what I was seeing with my eyes and I was a bit disappointed. But I saw the Little Dipper and a shooting star.  That was special.  I need to learn more about iPhone photography.  Here are the pictures of the eclipse. 

I was able to go back to sleep until the glitches started.  We must have had about 9 or 10 glitches but thankfully my UPS (universal power supply) worked and I didn't lose the internet or my computer.  Hubby called the power company and it was due to a power outage in the neighborhood affecting about 108 of us.  

So around 5 am I stepped outside again.  The wind had picked up and it felt colder than it did earlier. I had to walk down to the neighbor's driveway to get these pictures.  The eclipse was over and the full moon was spectacular and almost ready to set. 

Around 7 I saw this beautiful sunrise from my window.   I feel blessed to have been able to experience these wonderful moments this morning.  

Thank you for reading and replying if you felt led to. 


Nolwenn said...

I think you actually need a telescope to get amazing pictures of the sky but I might be wrong.

Jean Maurie said...

Yes a telescope would be nice but I saw some really nice pictures of the eclipse taken with iPhones. I just need to learn the basics of the camera. I haven't had it that long.

Tamara Sagathevan said...

I love these pictures. I totally missed the eclipse and feel a bit sad about it...but i did see blue tits this morning and seeing the beauty through your eyes sure is cool

Ellie-TheForgottenMuse said...

I love the pictures! Thanks for sharing them.
We had so much cloud cover I had no chance of seeing the eclipse.
I'm glad you got to view it.

Amy said...

I woke my son up early to see it! We were impressed at the time, but I vaguely remember it.