No bypassing today - Day 10

I've been bypassing my feelings in my blogs lately.  But today I'm not going to.  Friday I ate too much acid stuff - Part of an orange hubby shared with me,  then I made some spaghetti in my Instant Pot and forgot to add the sugar.  I also drank a diet coke.  All day Saturday my stomach burned.  I wasn't thinking when I had orange and tomato sauce on the same day with a coke.  I still felt yucky on Sunday but not as bad.

Monday I realized my IBS was now kicking in.  I have tools to help when my tummy gets stressed emotionally.  They usually work - mindful breathing, Emotional Freedom Therapy/ tapping and meditation.

There is a lot going on right now in my life.  Our medical doctor is leaving.  I had a good relationship with her. She understood my PTSD and said she'd not let me run out of xanax.  Not that I take it daily but I sure do when I'm heading for the dentist or something equally stressful. Usually it's a half a pill. I just hope the new doctor will be as accommodating.

I had to change chiropractors since the other one we'd been going to for years wasn't on our insurance.  I'm not sure about the new one yet.

My son is moving. He doesn't live near us but he is a highly sensitive person like I am and I know how stressful it is to move, especially halfway across the country.  I am happy for him and our daughter in love, but I think I'm absorbing some of his anxiety.  Or not.

Maybe it's Uranus in Taurus right now, my natal Uranus. Quick changes for a Taurean who does not like to move quickly.  I remember my astrology friend/teacher was explaining Uranus and Taurus and how Uranus knocks on Taurus' door saying, "Come on I have a cool thing to show you I think you'd like." Taurus says, "I don't feel like going anyplace today."  Uranus, "Come on, you'll like it, I promise." "Nah, maybe later."  Uranus, "Ok I'm coming in take you whether you like it or not."  So Uranus takes Taurus by the hand and drags her off to see a new adventure and Taurus ends up liking it after all - hopefully.  So I could just feel Uranus knocking on my door.

Here is an interesting article for each sign

about Uranus in Taurus.

I ask my angels and guides to help me by giving me some answers.  I feel I am being guided just by knowing what is bothering me. They did tell me to get up and walk the other day when I just felt like sitting here vegging and playing games the other day.  I didn't want to but "heard" it again, so I paid attention.  They told me years ago to "find out about computers" in a loud voice in my house when I was alone.

Another time I was taking a shower getting ready to go to the dermatologist. I was anxious because I was always getting biopsied. This time a big one got in the shower with me and told me to relax I wouldn't get cut on this time.  And I didn't.  So I do pay attention even if it just feels like it's my imagination talking to me.

Angels watch over you and me

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Rach K said...

Hope you're feeling better. Moving is super stressful.....I do hope it all goes well for them and they enjoy getting settled in their new place.

Sue B said...

That's a lot of stuff all at once. Sometimes, for me if I'm feeling out of sorts, it helps to name what's going on around me and I find that I'm often not aware subconsciously that it's so much 'stuff'. I hope, in that way, that this post has helped you.

Jana said...

Wow that is a lot all at once. I'm sure angels and guides will carry you through. I always call on mine repeatedly in stressful situations

Effy said...

I love how well you tend to your intuition!