Working Jigsaw puzzles - day 9

Do you remember when we used to spread jigsaw puzzles on a table and take turns putting the pieces together?  I have a friend who still likes working  jigsaw puzzles at her table.  I find it very uncomfortable to sit at a table for too long and especially if I was leaning over trying to put a puzzle together.  So I found a really cool app for my iPad and cell phone that's free.  I can sit here comfortably and move the puzzle pieces with my fingers.  There is a free puzzle each day and they give us a lot of free puzzles.  

I don't get any compensation from them but I've tried others and this is the one I like.

Here is a set of puzzles I bought.  Aren't they pretty?

There is a place on the app where you can create custom puzzles from pictures you've saved on your computer. It's really easy to use.  Every time you buy some puzzles you get points so when you get enough points you can use them to buy more puzzles.  

I can change the number of puzzle pieces from a few (If I don't like the free puzzle of the day) to many if the puzzle is beautiful.  Many are very lovely.  I am so thankful for these digital puzzles.

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Cheryl, the jungian Knitter said...

I love jigsaw puzzles! I started doing them with my grandfather when I was little. Sadly we don't do them now because our cats are hooligans and would wreak havoc on any we tried.

Jean Maurie said...

I cannot imagine trying to do a jigsaw puzzle on a table with cats around!!! I have to laugh when I read the Q&A on the jigsaw puzzle app. Someone asked if there were any pieces missing.

Actually I like doing them more on the App than on a table. My back and shoulders would ache bending over for that long.

That's a good memory for you Cheryl, thank you for replying.