Detaching - Day 11

Tuesday I didn't bypass how I was feeling in my blog and today I'm not going to do it today either.  Yes I missed two days.  Yesterday I still had  some emotional stuff coming up. There was a call at 2:30  with the emotional freedom circle I belong to.  

So I raised my hand and talked about how I was and had been feeling.  We tapped together on the points and talked about vulnerability and also picking up on other's pains.  It is hard being highly sensitive. He said I listen with my heart, mind, groin, angels... in other words my whole being.  It helped.  Sometimes when we feel too much we have to learn to detach.  

Detaching has been difficult for me.  The definition for detach is, among other meanings is: Disengage or Withdraw.   Yes when I listen to someone who is hurting, sad, fearful, I do listen with my whole being. I also feel emotions in my body - my back, my intestines, head.   How do you listen with compassion and at the same time disengage?  It is even harder when it is someone I love and care about.  

Aha I just read this, "stop being responsible for them"!  Yes.  I want to help so much and have them feel better that I absorb their pain.   Maybe if I listened hard enough with my whole being it will help them feel better.  It doesn't work that way except some people have thanked me for being there and listening.  So this is something I want and need to practice.  Listen without tensing my body.  Do some slow deep breathing.  Hold my angel stone in my hand and let it speak through me.  Meditate after listening and turn their problems over to the Higher Power.  I'm sure there are more ways to detach.


Sue B said...

How easy it is to forget to detach. So easy instead to carry the other person's pain and problems for them (as if we help them by actually doing that!) But this is a good reminder re detaching and I like the ways you suggest as working for you. You've given me something to think about: how can i detach? Thank you. <3

Jean Maurie said...

Thank you for replying Sue B. It always makes me happy to know I have helped in some way. I want to learn to detach more too but I want to stay empathetic too, without hurting my body.