How Do You Want to Feel?

Five days with sporadic internet outages!  I phoned my internet provider daily, got apologies, work order numbers and promises.  I told them I needed my internet to be working on Thursday at 1pm because I was the host of a radio show and was told, "Oh yes it will be working."  But I had an uneasy feeling, rightfully so.  I called Maggie, my co-host and asked her to run the studio as host, which she did. I logged on as co-host and just as I suspected, my internet went down during the show again. At least I was able to interview our guest on the telephone.  

Not sure if you know but I am a big proponent of Emotional Freedom Technique and tapping.  But on the 3rd day with my internet going up and down, being totally unreliable, I was so angry that tapping didn't help much. But I tapped anyhow because I knew I was getting a benefit somewhere in my body. But I wasn't feeling less angry.  My husband suggested we get out of the house for awhile and see if our new friend who owned a farm had any silver queen corn. Bernie called him and he had four ears left that he would save for us so we drove over to his farm. As we drove I kept asking myself, "How do I want to feel?" I was still furious about the internet outage because I was paying business rates and it was almost impossible to run an online business without being able to get online.  

Tapping Points

I touched each one of the upper tapping points saying, "how do you want to feel?"  I began feeling calmer and I started focusing on the trees with their beautiful green leaves. I began noticing how many different shades of green there are on the different trees.   I focused on smelling the fresh air coming in the car window.  The sun was shining, I am healthy, I have a loving husband, we have a home, money to buy food and life is good.   I am so blessed to have learned the wonderful question, "How Do You Want to Feel?" From my coaches, Rick Wilkes and Cathy Vartuli.   How do you want to feel has helped change the way I look at problems, it has been a stress reliever and I don't stuff my feelings like I used to.

When we got to the farm, he was no where to be found but that was okay because we weren't in a hurry.  We saw a bag with the corn waiting and I looked at the rest of the vegetables he had in the baskets.   The fresh yellow squash was so beautiful so I bagged up some.  I'd been buying lots of fresh vegetables and making soup for the winter.  Here are some of the beautiful tomatoes he had for sale.

I decided to take some pictures with my cell phone because it was such a peaceful place to be and I continued feeling blessed.

The farmer's name is Mr. Lance and he had been inside eating lunch and didn't hear us pull up.   He is a native of this area of North Carolina and had some interesting stories to tell. We pulled up some chairs and enjoyed listening to him.  I also liked how he had this book that he wrote all the purchases down and then added them up with a calculator.  No credit cards, no electronic devices.  How cool and down to earth!

I wanted to  feel better - calm and happy instead of angry and it worked.  Here are some more beautiful pictures on the farm.

Another wonderful benefit of tapping and asking myself how do I want to feel is that I don't get the old stomach aches I used to get when I was upset and frustrated.   I don't get as many headaches or backaches either. No I'm not perfect yet and I still have more to learn and practice but I feel very blessed. 

To learn how to become less stressed, more relaxed and happier visit my web page and if this speaks to you, book a reading with me.

Love, Jean Maurie

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