Can We Let Go as Easily As the Leaves Release From Their Branches?

I love fall.  When I was a child I dreaded it because I had a school phobia so I don't think I even noticed the beauty of the leaves changing colors. I was raised in the north, then we moved to Florida and we didn't have a real fall down there.  There were signs including hurricanes and the weather got a little cooler.  But as time went on and fall rolled around again I began wanting to experience it again as an adult.  So we took a couple of trips to Tennessee and North Carolina.  I was 50 before I saw a mountain and as we drove toward them I teared up.  "Look what God made and then she painted them," I thought.  An old hymn began playing in my mind. 

Now that we are living where there are four seasons I've been enjoying fall again.  Each time I see the leaves swirling off the branches I think about how easily they let go.  We don't see trees screaming "No I don't want to let go, I want to stay on the branch."

We don't see branches pushing reluctant leaves off.   It all seems to happen just the way it's supposed to.  Yes there are storms that make the wind blow hard and many leaves fall at the same time.  But usually the leaves have their own beautiful dances.

So why do we have such trouble letting go?  Why can't we release our hurts and fears from the past as easy as the leaves release themselves from their branches?  I know there isn't just one answer to this question.  I've read and heard through my astrology courses that it is harder for some signs to let go than others. Could that really be true?  I am an Earth sign and my moon and sun are fixed.  I have had trouble letting go and when I heard that I thought, Ah so that's why.  But is that only reason?  I'm sure psychologists would have a field day with this subject.

What do you think?  Let's discuss but with love and gentleness.
In the meantime watch this video and think about what you'd like to let go of and how might you do it?  What techniques would you use? Meditation,  Eft tapping,  therapy? What has worked for you or hasn't worked?  You can post comments here on the blog or underneath it on Facebook.


Sue B said...

What a beautiful post. Thank you. I too absolutely love autumn. It's when I feel my best. Interestingly in A Year of Rumi, Effy chose the quote "Be like a tree and let the dead leaves drop." Sometimes, I agree, much easier to say than do. Thank you for sharing such beautiful links, too. <3

عبده العمراوى said...
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