Loving Christmas Movies - Hallmark and More

I am not a big Christmas Fan in real life but I love Christmas Movies!  Watching these movies helps me like Christmas more. I posted some things about loving Christmas movies on my Facebook page and this is one of the replies I received:
"Someone needs to write new scripts for their movies. They are the same plots repeated over and over again, with the same actors.  Personally  I would like to see a real life type of story that people can relate to that doesn't include perky, bubbly, giddy females that act more like young teenagers instead of the adults they are supposed to be."  

I wonder why these movies are so popular if people can't relate to them?  As for real life, I often get tired of real life with all the negativity, pain and suffering.  Take me to a Christmas movie and I get a respite from it all.   Isn't this what movies are for? To take us away from "real life" so we can just sit back and relax?  Yes I like the glitter, the over decorating, those delicious looking Christmas cookies. What fun it would be to do carolling with them through the snow covered streets.   Community too!  Yes the Hallmark movies are filled with people who know each other and gather together with love and community. 

Sure some of these movies are cheesy without much plot and too bubbly women.  I've switched to another movie when the cheese gets too thick.  But other movies show heartbreak, loneliness,  pain, and most all the emotions we humans feel.  I watched some heart filled movies where people whose hearts have been broken and closed find love again.  What a joy to watch.  I've seen some where old lovers reunite after thirty years.  I've seen another wonderful movie where a woman finds her son she put up for adoption when he was a baby and how I cried!

Lifetime Movie club has their own Christmas movies that are different from Hallmark's but good in their own way. Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime show Christmas movies too.  

Christmas movies FEEL GOOD and the more we find ways to feel good the more we raise our vibrations.  So many of us love these movies that there are facebook groups talking about what movies they like and posting the lovely decorations they put up.  There is a whole blog on how to write these movies and others why we are so addicted to them.

Yes give me these bubbly, loving, feeling characters, the glittery decorations, a glass of eggnog and some Christmas cookies and I'll put aside the negative news for awhile.

May your holidays be as blessed and happy as a Hallmark Christmas movie. 

Image by Susan Cipriano from Pixabay 

Image by Samad Khakpour from Pixabay 
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Bonnie Cehovet said...

Thank you for this incredible blog! I love Christmas movies too!

Jean Maurie said...

Thank you Bonnie, I love most of the movies too with all the glitter and bubbly. I love getting away from "real life" and vegging on good feels. Yay for Christmas movies <3