I Felt Weird so I cooked - 24

This morning I started feeling weird.  Kind of restless, not knowing what I wanted to do.  I allowed myself to sit with it and tapped on feeling odd.  It wasn't a scary type of feeling like something was wrong, just uncomfortable.   It could have been because hubby was outside trimming bushes and a part of me felt like I "should" be out there helping him, although he didn't ask me to.  Before we moved, as we were discussing where we wanted to live, I told him that I did not want to be doing yard work.   I started feeling a tad better when he was finished.  After nearly  61 years of marriage and me having tried to be the "best wife", it is still a bit difficult to be doing my thing while he is doing stuff that might need help.  Being raised in the 40s and 50s I learned well the duties of a good wife. But I'll leave that for another blog.  

1940s housewife

What was I feeling?  Why so restless?  I didn't want to go out, I knew I "shouldn't" sit at my computer all day scrolling Facebook and playing games.  I wandered around the house aimlessly until I reached the kitchen.  Ah, soup!  I love soup and could eat it 4 times a week at least.   I had the ingredients.  First I cooked hard boiled eggs in my Instant Pot.  10 eggs in 5 minutes, quick release five minute natural release, then plunge them into cold water with ice.  They peel so easily too.

While the eggs were building up the pressure,  I chopped onions, garlic, celery and cabbage.  Then cleaned out the Instant Pot bowl and dried it. Then I put it on saute and added some butter and olive oil.  As it was heating, I chopped up a lot of zucchini squash and some more cabbage.  I threw in the onions, cabbage and celery and let them saute a few minutes, then I added the garlic.  I tossed in some garlic powder, Italian seasonings and some other spices I pulled out of the cabinet.   I added a big box of chicken broth and let it heat up for a bit, then I dumped in the squash and cabbage, put the lid on, locked it and pushed the manual button to 6 minutes.

Soup counting down in Instant Pot
After the little silver pin on the top of the lid popped down, I knew it was safe to open.   It looked like this.

soup before blending
I got out my immersion blender so the soup would be creamier.

Soup after blending

Then I added some half and half and a couple handfuls of Mexican Blend cheese.  I tasted it and it needed something more.  Ah yes, a pinch of salt.  Another taste test and the soup was ready to eat.

Out came my favorite love cup that I filled with the finished soup and a sprinkle of parmesan cheese.

I'm not restless anymore, just FULL!


Sophie said...

That looks delicious and I'm quite tempted to get an Instant Pot now but I've already got so many kitchen gadgets!

Jean Maurie said...

Sophie, I used my IP three times today. Tonight we cooked corn on the cob. 2 minutes and it is delicious. I got two pots to use with my IP just in case.

The spaghetti recipe is the best I've ever eaten or made. I cook the spaghetti (whole wheat) right in with the tomato sauce. One pot and it only takes 10 minutes.

I don't think you'd be sorry getting one. I have the 6 qt one.

Ellie-TheForgottenMuse said...

Soup sounds delicious!
I love soup!!!! I could eat it all the time really.
I have a yearning to make Polish Potato Soup again.
Once the potato comes to a boil, it only takes about
30 minutes or so on the stove.
I could probably live off making different soups lol.

Effy said...

Damn. That looks SOOOOO GOOOD. <3

Jean Maurie said...

Yes Ellie I could eat soup a lot too. I would like to have different kinds of soup in the freezer to defrost and eat when I wanted.

What is in Polish Potato Soup? I have an Instant Pot potato cheese and bacon soup I want to try. I did it once and after I'd dumped in the cheese I saw on the package it was way way too old. I didn't trust it to be good so I threw out the whole batch.

Jean Maurie said...

Effy it was and still is good. I have a whole big pitcher full in the fridge.