A bit overwhelmed but okay - 23

Whew, today is the big day! For months I have been working on writing angel prayers and recording them for My Angel Prayer. I was so honored to be chosen as one of 20 + angel practitioners from around the world to participate on this. Our prayers are on Amazon Alexa now and you can hear them.  The instructions are on the Angel Prayer link.  Today we were all interviewed live on Facebook! It was fun. 

I had been listening to the other Angel Practitioners and of course, as a human I found myself comparing. Some were offering classes, some had written books and more. But then I remembered this is about Angels and how they help people, not about ego.

 My interview was at 1:30 Eastern Time and you can find it on  My Angel Prayer page. The video starts at 1pm with a lady from India for the first 30 minutes. Mine comes after that at 1:30 Eastern Time. I am amazed how fast time goes on an interview. It was fun though. I had 5 pages of notes and only had to look up the name of Archangel Gabriel. My angels helped me with every word. 

I have some updating to do on my web page but I'm not going to grit my teeth and get tense. I will take my time, breathe, ask for guidance and just let it happen. 

Even though this is May 1 and April blogging is finished, I started  a bit late, then skipped a day or two. I have a week to go and if I actually do 30 days it will be the first time I actually completed a whole month. I plan to continue blogging because it's fun and also good for my brain.

Thank you Effy Wild for encouraging people to join and blog.  


Effy said...

It's been really good for my brain, too. <3 I'm so stoked to hear your Angel Prayer will be on Alexa! How cool!

Jean Maurie said...

Thank you Effy, I'm excited to have my angel prayers on Alexa. There are at least 9 of them. It was fun.