Wednesday's Free Tarot Class - Tower

Hi and welcome our Wednesday Tarot class. This week we’re going to take a trip into an angry looking tower with lightening and thunder flashing and booming around. Even the top of the tower looks like it is blowing off. How scary! Take a look at the Tower in your Rider-Waite Deck. Yikes what is going on here?

Have you ever felt so frustrated and stressed that you felt like you were going to explode? I sure have. This is partly what the tower card is about. Say you’ve just lost your job, you and your love are fighting, you accuse each other of this or that and they walk out. You feel like you can’t take it anymore and you just want to scream! Or crawl into bed pulling the covers over your head while you scream. Again this card is another story about being stuck in ego thinking where we stay stubborn, wanting to be right rather than happy – resisting change.

The tower is a symbol of how we, as humans build our ego from false beliefs that we think we know what is right, which seems comfortable. We don’t want to change because we know its other people who are wrong, not us. “If only he or she would treat me better or love me, or come back my life would be better. How can I make her love me? I can’t stand it anymore that he doesn’t call. Why does he hurt me so much? I’m scared if I change she’ll leave me.” This is fear talking. Many times when we hurt so bad that we feel like we’re going to fall apart, is when we have to start letting go of our destructive thoughts. We want to scream, cry, and hold on to people so they won’t leave us or get back at someone who “stole” our job or relationship from us. The tower card is usually a sudden crisis that is dramatic in nature. It’s like we were warned by clues like aches and pains in our bodies that something needs attention but we ignored the feelings. Suddenly we’re doubled over in pain and we’re rushed to the emergency room. Or we’ve been nagging at our lovers until suddenly they’ve had enough and split. Maybe it seems like they walked out for no reason with no warning. Maybe we missed the warnings. The Tower represents a wake-up call. How we respond to this wake-up call depends on how severe it will be for us.

The Tower is an Aries card, ruled by Mars, the God of war and conflicts. When we’re at the top of the tower we can see ourselves more clearly than ever and when we become aware of our true selves, the false has to go. Do you remember the lover’s card, number VI where the angel is above the lovers? Remember how we talked about how much easier our lives would be if we’d turn to our Higher selves and listen before flying off the handle and making wrong judgments? The Tower card shows us what happens when we continue making wrong judgments instead of communicating honestly. The Kabbalah name for Tower is Peh, which means mouth and speech. According to the voyager Tarot cards, “big mouths are always taken down in the end.”

The Tower also shows itself when we’ve continued building our lives on shaky grounds – when things can’t stay the same because of instability. Then our “house of cards” collapses and we have to start over. But we always have the chance to rebuild even stronger than before. Rigidity can’t last! Some of the ways tower energy can manifest are: divorce, disasters from weather or fire, accidents, and robberies. If you get the tower card in your readings pay more attention to your intuition so you can hear the warning messages. Check your locks, be aware of who is around you when you walk to your car – have your keys in your hand. All these warnings are not meant to scare you, only trying to give you a “heads up”. Think of the Tower as a breaking up of your tallest defenses, the ones that you’ve not wanted to let go. Have you had a unexpected insight? This is also Tower energy. You could see the bolt of lightening as a sudden awakening from within. So the tower doesn’t have to be disasters, it could simply be sudden new thoughts that inspire you to change your diet, start an exercise program, clean your house – any number of liberating ideas and releasing of outgrown limitations.

The Tower’s advice:

Look at your beliefs and feelings and burn out those that keep you limited
Purify and eliminate bad habits in order to have a healthy body
When you feel “I can’t stand it anymore” make your changes before they are made for you
Find ways to take care of yourself – learn to meditate, go to yoga classes, and commit to being more spiritual
Open up to new insights, inspiration and let go of what isn’t working.

Next week we get to hitch our wagon to a star. Until then,

Angel Hugs, Jean Maurie

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Xmichra said...

what a fabulous idea you have here!!! I must have been under a rock all this time to not have thought of speaking about tarots, or doing them on my site!! lol.. i saw that on Lorielles site and thought the!!! Here i have been doing reading for people though e-mails anyway. ha!

Your explaination of the Tower is very fitting, and was easy to read. Very well done! I look forward to next weeks instalation!