Wednesday's Free Tarot Class - Devil

Hi and welcome to our Wednesday Tarot class. This week we’re meeting another of the scary, dreaded cards. Mr. Devil himself. Okay, stop shuddering; he’s not that bad – honest – unless of course you want him to be. Some people are addicted to negativity and fear and only want to focus on the scary.

Speaking of addictions, this is one of the meanings of the Devil card, number XV. He’s an ugly thing isn’t he? Take a look at him in the Rider Waite deck. The Devil has goat horns, a goat face bat wings and donkey ears. (Not too scary yet huh?) Look at the chains the people in front of the Devil. They are loose. This indicates that he isn’t such a bad guy after all because as soon as you realize you have freedom of choice, you can just wiggle out of those chains and set yourself free!

Guess what else – and some of you may hotly disagree with what I’m going to say next – there is no Devil except the one that man created! I know, some of you may have been taught the opposite in church and Sunday school, and you may find references in the Bible about the Devil. But the Devil is only us using our powers the wrong way. Take alcohol for instance. In itself, alcohol is not bad but taken to excess it can become addictive. Anything can be used for good or destruction. Fire can keep us warm and cook our food or it can be used to destroy. Same with the emotions of love. Will we use it to uplift or will we use the energy possessively? Another way to describe the Devil is misuse. Have we jumped back into ego thinking again, believing if we think long and hard enough we can solve all our problems? Or have we learned the lessons from the death and temperance cards, realizing that we can let go of the temptation to go it alone, believing we have all the answers and turn to our Higher selves, so we can begin seeing all sides, practicing the lessons of temperance, knowing our guardian archangels are there to help and strengthen us.

The Devil is a Scorpio card but in reality he is really Archangel Uriel, which in Hebrew means Light of God. Amazing, huh! There are more surprises coming! Within each of us is the light of God because we were made in the image and likeness of God. But sometimes we don’t act like Gods or Goddess’s do we? The original Greek word for Devil is diaballien, which means to disrupt the order. Hey, maybe sometimes we need to disrupt the order once in a while. I mean what happens when we think we know it all and we get stubborn and hardheaded in our lives? You know being too stubborn and egotistic can be qualities that bedevil us and instead of trying to change and seeing the other person’s point of view we can be addicted to being right! Sometimes life hands us unpleasant surprises that don’t make us real happy. But think how often we learn and grow from some of our darkest times. If the Devil comes up in a reading it doesn’t mean that horrible things are going to happen. It can only mean you need to turn back to your Divine Higher self, ask for help and guidance from feeling in the dark, and let go of error thinking that all is lost and you are bad.

Another exciting way to look at the Devil card is to realize that Devil spelled backwards is lived! Wow! Never thought of that, huh? Maybe its time to stop being so serious about everything and start living more joyously. The Devil is number 15 which is 5, or Hierophant (representing Mercury, the planet of our mind, thinking and communication) and number 1 – or Magician! Wow what a combination! See the Devil isn’t that scary after all. When we combine our mind, communication and thinking with the power of our Magician how can we go wrong? We just have to remember who we are and what our minds are capable of. We can use our minds and our magician to control and destroy or we can reach for the best in ourselves and communicate love, joy, creativity, enthusiasm, healing and abundance. We don’t need to stay addicted to fear, panic, self-destruction.

The Devil’s Advice:

Act spontaneously knowing that being unconventional can bring about new awakenings.
Break with the old ways of thinking
Take risks be like the Fool again
Stays aware take off your blinders
See the truth of who you really are
Give yourself a good shaking and climb out from your chains.

Next week we’ll see another troublesome card – the Tower. Until then live fully with joy and enthusiasm.

Angel Hugs, Jean Maurie

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