Treasure or Trash? Day 5

 I've been pulling stuff off the bottom shelf of one of my bookcases trying to downsize completely.  Is that even possible?   I have gotten rid of many boxes of books over the years, but notebooks and stuff I've written? Not yet! - I am trying, so I'll give myself credit for that.

A lot of this are notes I've taken from many classes.  I thought I'd re read them but I didn't/don't.   They need to go! However I did find some gems.  

I used to teach a journaling workshop 
One of my workshops was at a spiritual retreat in the mountains of eastern Tennessee.  After finishing the meditation we all wrote about images we received.  I just re-read mine.

March 20, 1997.  Just did the meditation for the journaling workshop.  I was in a room with a super computer where I could get on the angel internet and receive answers to any questions I want.  My angel gave me a crystal ball that stores information in it from the Angel internet.  So I am always tuned in and can help people with this information.

 There is also a  massage table and a massage therapist ready to relax me at all times. There is beautiful music and with the snap of a finger almost, I can be in a library with many kinds of books that I can borrow.

  There are art supplies and canvasses, games and more music. A piano for me to use and lessons available.

  An angel is there to teach me how to fly, to transport myself into any time I want, any place. 

 This is my playroom, my fun room and I'm so happy that I discovered it. I want to build myself a place like this in the Smokey Mountains where I can see clients, parties and play. There will be a big wall that opens up to a dance room where we all dance and play.   A chef is there to make us healthy food and a big swimming pool is also available. 

So here I am, 24 years later...  still dreaming.

P.S. I discovered a folder filled with half written children's stories and sketches.  Another blog.  Stay tuned.

I'm blogging in April with Effy


Effy said...

What a lovely vision. <3

Jean Maurie said...

Thank you Effy. Wouldn't it be wonderful if it came true?

Donna said...

Oh so interesting, I wonder what I will do with all these journals I am making and filling, and all the classes i take part in. At what point in the future will I or someone else have to review them and make decisions...

Lea said...

Oh! I would love to get on the angel internet! I could converse with my mother! If you ever get that retreat in the Smoky !Mountains, I would love to come and visit. I'm in NC

Jean Maurie said...

I have over 50 years of filled journals, numbered and dated and I'm asking myself the same question Donna. Do you have anyone who would be interested? I would love to have been able to read my mother or grandmother's writings.

Jean Maurie said...

Lea you can converse with your mother. She hears you. Have you tried it? Ask her to send you signs that she hears you. You might get a message that comes through in your imagination or you could see coins, special flowers that she liked, feather, butterflies. Is there something your mother loved that she talked about a lot or worked with? There are all kinds of ways. My mother actually called me on the phone a bunch of times. No she didn't talk but - its a kind of long story. I knew it was her.

I think we are on the angel internet if we only believe we are. There is so much about angels on here, so much information. People pull angel cards, there are angel meditations too.

I'm in NC too. Asheville area. You?