Fifty Eight Years of Journals - Day 16

1965 Prices

House payment: $55.20
Electricity: $6.59
Telephone: $6.35
Food: $30 average
Dentist Cleaning $10
Trash: $5.25 every six months
TV: $10.07

Imagine paying these prices! Does anyone remember? I found the spreadsheets in my July '65 - June - '66 Journal.  I've been writing in these journals from right before John F. Kennedy was assassinated in 1963. I have them all and don't know what to do with them. 

I know I'd love to discover these from my mother or grandmother. But I don't feel that my family would want to read them. Do I even want them to?

Some say go through these and write some articles.  Or even blog them. I don't want to reread them right now.  One time I tore some pages out and tried to tear them up but I kept feeling NO! Another time I started piling them in a box to get shredded but another NO.  An astrologer suggested I get rid of them and free myself from the past.  Would that work or would wish I had them back. I told hubby if I die first he has my permission to shred them.  A part of me is feeling like hiring a shredder truck to come and shred them. Sigh!

I am so enjoying blogging with the creative, caring bloggers here for the month of April.


Kimi said...

Wow thats a tough call. I had burned all my journals from my teenage years because of a violation from people reading them (without permission) i wish I had them now
But I'm also writing in journals again so.....

I hope whatever decision you make brings peace

Jean Maurie said...

Thank you Kimi. I also burned my teenage journals just before I got married. I wish I had these too. So that says a lot doesn't it.