Relaxing Jigsaw Puzzles - Day 15

 In the back of my mind I keep thinking someday I will sketch so when I saw these puzzles I was intrigued.  The pictures are pretty especially the landscapes.  I used to love to put jigsaw puzzles together when I earlier in my life sitting at a table.  We made it a family affair when we weren't playing monopoly.  But these days sitting at a table putting puzzles together would be painful.  So when I saw these digital puzzles I was delighted.  I usually put together one puzzle a day - the free one that they offer.  Of course I've bought my share too, especially when they are on sale.  Usually they only cost a little over $2 on sale.  When we put a puzzle together we get points and these can add up until we have enough to use for getting more free puzzles.  Putting together these puzzles relax me.

Here is a pretty puzzle I did.


I love faces and her lips intrigued me.

I was putting this puzzle together 

That was going to be the picture of the humming bird in the middle.  We get to peek at our picture if we want.

Another cool feature is, I find some really pretty pictures and I can copy them and import them into the puzzle feature where I create my own.  

Here is a busier picture puzzle I put together

I'm enjoying blogging every day in April with a group of creative fun people in Effy's blog-a-thon.


Amy Sorensen said...

Two of my sons LOVE putting puzzles together. They still do it whenever they are with each other, but they never do it when they are not! Kind of funny. It's their thing. I love looking at the finished puzzles but I confess it is frustrating for me to do a puzzle.

Jean Maurie said...

Thank you for your comment Amy. This digital jigsaw app allows us to choose how many pieces we want to have to solve the puzzle. 100 was too frustrating for me but 80 is perfect. I don't like being frustrated. That is neat about your sons liking to put the puzzles together together.

Cheryl Turtlemoon said...

I have a jigsaw app on my iPad, and it’s so relaxing! The real things irritate me but for some reason I like digital jigsaws, even my husband has got into them :)

Jean Maurie said...

They are relaxing aren't they Cheryl. I feel the same way about the real ones plus sitting hunched over would be so hard on my every body part. I so love a lot of digital games too.

deb said...

Oh those are lovely! I didn't realize there were digital puzzles, that's great you have an alternative!