Grocery shopping before Sunrise as the world is on hold

We are self quarantining but there are some supplies we felt we still needed.  Interesting times we are living in and as I saw the empty shelves, a lot of different thoughts ran through my head. 

Late yesterday we called Ingles to see if they'd gotten in any more bread or hand sanitizers.   They said no but come in early tomorrow morning, we stock overnight.  They said they didn't have Senior Citizen times to shop but early in the morning there aren't many people out.  So we talked about going to the store as close to six as we could.

At 5:55 I woke Bernie up and said, "ready to go on our new adventure?"  (We try to see new things as adventures, it helps).  

At about 6:15 am we were in the store and still... this is what we saw.  The bread is coming in around 10 am.  Blessings to the people who bake bread and other foods for us.   We got some different bread over by the cookies.  And they had french bread. These are good and we will freeze some.

 Then we walked down the meat aisle. Good time to be a vegetarian.

Empty Frozen Food Cabinet
Bless the suppliers who are working hard for us to restock. 

We found a full breakfast and took some home.  These workers had to get up really early to have this good food ready for us this early. 


 Beautiful sunrise on the drive home.  Everything seems so unreal how life has changed so fast while the sun continues to rise and set no matter what. 

Stay safe everyone and love eachother.

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