They forgot to Install my Travel App - 27

My daughter in love flew to Santa Fe, NM with their cat, rented a car, went to the apartment they rented online. She discovered there was no microwave so she went to Target and stocked up on a few things they will need in their new place.  My son is driving there from Fla.  I'm thinking that doing this is not on my radar.  I haven't flown since 1954 and that was in a prop jet.  I wouldn't even know how to book a ticket or know how to pack so not to get patted down.   I've never rented a car and trying to find my way around a strange town is daunting.   I remembered what my coach told us about the differences in people and the way they think.  "He doesn't have that app,"  he said.   I don't feel the travel app was installed in me.  

I'm curious.  Are we all born with the same capabilities?  Why do some people have travel in their blood and others don't want any part of it?

Why can't some people sit still and others thrive on it?

Is there an app for travel that I didn't get?  Or did it rust out because I never used it?

I didn't get the sewing app either, or the hiking app.  

What apps do you feel you didn't get?  I'd be curious.

I've been blogging with Effy Wild in April, and got a late start.  I almost completed 30 days but it's been so much fun I just might continue. 


B J said...

I love this idea. I missed the "Sports" app. Very cool! TY.

Ellie-TheForgottenMuse said...

The last time I flew was 2011. And we all had to take our shoes off to go through.
In 2005, I think it was, I flew to Minnesota for a convention. Going through the screening on the flight home I had forgotten to unhook my phone from my belt loop. Of course, bells went off and a big burly woman came over to pat me down. I was more embarrassed then anything else, and felt stupid for forgetting.
I don't have the play sports app or the swimming app or the knitting app. I think some apps have become corrupt over time and are not longer working properly lol.

Nolwenn said...

I love flying and I dream of seeing the world, maybe because I did not have that chance to travel with my Mom as a kid. You know how some parents manage to take the entire family over the world, together? this is is something I would really want to do with my daughters.
I don't know what "app" I am missing though... plenty, for sure. Maybe I prefer to focus on the app I was made with, instead?

Effy said...

I definitely didn't come with the travel app installed. I have the 'homebody' app instead. :)

Jean Maurie said...

I didn't get the sports app either :)

Jean Maurie said...

Interesting thought about the apps being corrupted over time. This is getting me thinking about another blog. I didn't get the crochet app either.

Jean Maurie said...

Yes good idea to focus on the apps we did get for sure. But also acknowledging the apps we didn't get instead of feeling guilty or feeling stupid for not being able to do stuff well helps too. I hope you get to travel with your daughters.

Jean Maurie said...

Yep, I got the homebody app to - for sure.