A Conversation With My Ten Year Old Self On Her Birthday - 28

JM (me) - "Happy Birthday Sweetie. This is the big day that Mom's letting you ride your bicycle in the street, are you excited?"

Maurie - "Yeah  I don't know why she was so afraid to let me do it before though.  She treats me like a baby."

JM - "She sure was a scardy one but she thought she was trying to protect you."

Maurie - "Me and Loretta are going to ride over to Mantua later."

JM -  "Oh those days were fun. I remember feeling so carefree and happy."

Maurie - "I'll probably be old before she lets me drive a car.  Wait, how do you "remember?"

JM - "Ha ha, at least 21.  I know that feels like forever."

Maurie - "21?  I'm going to have to wait THAT long? How do you know?"

JM - "Sweetie, I'm your future self who knows what's going to happen to you.  And you are in for a big surprise!!"

Maurie - "Really? What's going to happen?"

JM - "I hope you have a good imagination or you will think I'm crazy, but believe me, this is big. 
 You're going to live in a world where you can take your phone anywhere you want and be able to talk to people."

Maurie's eyes open wide, "Really?"

JM nods "Not only that but you will be able to sit at a machine called a laptop computer and chat with people all over the world."

Maurie - "You're making that up."

JM - "No I'm not.  You will be so curious that you're going to have over 2000 friends on a place called FACEBOOK. And you're going to be able to take your phone with you and read stories on it while you wait in line and you can even go to school on it."

Maurie - scrunching her face,  "I don't understand."

JM - "I know but trust me, it is going to happen so when you feel stupid in school now, try to remember this conversation and think about it. You're going to be so excited to realize how smart you really are.  Maybe you remember what I'm telling you and pretend that you believe."

Maurie - "Ok, I like pretending.  Do you have to go now?"

JM - "Yes sweetie, but I'll be back. I am going to teach you how to tap so when you get anxious or scared you will have a tool to use that will help calm you.  I'll be back soon.  I love you."

Maurie - Waves to JM, her future self. "Thank you, hurry back." 

I've been blogging with Effy Wild for the month of April and I'm just about caught up. 


Nolwenn said...

oooooooh!!! <3

Ellie-TheForgottenMuse said...

I'm not sure my conversation would go quite like this lol.
I'd be sure to tell my child self who to run like the wind from and to make sure
she knew that no matter what people said or did that she was enough and would be, always.

Jean Maurie said...

Yes Ellie, that would be a good conversation, one I would get into with her too. But this was what my mind was on at the time.

Effy said...

Aw....that was so sweet. <3

Sue B said...

This was lovely. Thank you for sharing. I wondered what your 10 yos would think 'tapping' was.

Jean Maurie said...

Thank you Effy. There is a lot more I could tell my younger self. But I sense she had to go through most of it though.

Jean Maurie said...

Sue, we have been able to go back and teach our younger selves tapping and we have found that it has helped a lot to heal the childhood traumas.