I Did it! - 30 days

I started blogging with Effy Wild  when she had her month long blog-alongs but didn't complete an entire month.  This year she started her month long blogging invite in April.  I found it about 5 days later but started anyhow. Then I skipped a few days. So here it is May 9, 2019 and I finished 30 days of blogging.  I'm quite proud of myself for actually blogging for 30 days.  I also enjoyed reading and commenting on the other blogger's posts.

I enjoy blogging but hadn't done much of it recently until I started again around April 5th.  I didn't know if I had enough ideas to blog for 30 days but somehow I did.  

Will I continue?  I hope so.   I'll aim for once a week and if I write more that will be even better but no pressure.

Now the writing bug has jumped back into my brain and I want to start writing articles or short stories again.  I have some ideas and I downloaded what looks like a pretty good writing App on my ipad so I can write there too.  

Thank you Effy Wild for giving me a challenge to blog every day in April.  


Bonnie Cehovet said...

Very happy to see that you are writing again! You have so many ideas, so many things to say that people need to hear! <3

Jean Maurie said...

Thank you Bonnie. You are inspiring and I love how you are blogging lots too. Your blogs are always interesting.

Nolwenn said...

I was really enjoying reading your blog, and hope you'll continue.

Jean Maurie said...

Thank you Nolwenn, I plan to continue. I enjoy reading your blogs too.