Magazine Addiction Online

I am Jean Maurie and I am a magazine addict.  There, I said it.  I'm not trying to heal it either because I enjoy my curiosity and it keeps me off the streets. As a blogger and writer I'm in magazine heaven.

I can borrow magazines from our public library through an app called Libby.  These are free with my library card. 

I had a subscription to Texture but Apple bought them out.  I like the magazines but I don't like the Apple News + format.  The Texture App worked much better.   I've read complaints from people who feel the same way I do about the Apple format.   Yes this one costs $10 a month.   I used to buy a lot of printed magazines so actually I'm saving money with the subscription.  If I continued buying print magazines it would cost me a lot more.  Of course I could stop buying printed magazines but I probably wouldn't.  Now I have the apps so I don't need to buy print magazines.  I used to have stacks of magazines all over my room.  When we moved I got rid of many boxes of them.  Now my room is uncluttered and  I'm sticking to the online apps.  If the Apple one doesn't get any better I might cancel.

Today I explored a magazine app that is fascinating.  It's from Stockholm, Sweden filled with magazines from all over the world.  Plus one can read them in many languages.  The app is called Readly. I found Guideposts and their Angel magazines on there plus a lot of art and watercolors magazines.  They even had crossword puzzle magazines that I can actually work once I learn how to use it.  I found The Writer magazine that I was thinking about subscribing to. 

You know those big glossy how to magazines that cost almost $20 that teach us how to use the Ipad pro,  Google for Seniors, Using the Iphone, how to use the Android, how to use Instagram and much more? There are a bunch of these I can read on Readly.  I got a trial subscription for 99 cents for a month so I'll see how it goes.  I think I'll drop CBS all access because I really don't like it or watch it.  These magazine apps are so much more interesting.

Ok, I'm going back to exploring my Readly App now. It might take awhile, so if you don't see me online you'll know why.  


Nolwenn said...

hey, there are worst addictions ;) What do you do with all your printed magazines?

Jean Maurie said...

Nolween, I donated a lot of my printed magazines to the library. Others I gave to some people who wanted them for art projects. A bunch I tied up and put out for recycling. I don't buy magazines anymore, or very seldom. I'm awash in digital ones now.

Ellie-TheForgottenMuse said...

I love magazines, but I hate how expensive some of them end up being.
I like to see what I can find at the thrift stores. Some times I get
lucky and find some of my favorites, even current editions for 25 cents.

I miss having a library card :(
We're outside city limits so we have to pay for a card which is over 50$ a year.

Jean Maurie said...

That is too bad you can’t get a free library card. Our county has it free for all th cities and county. Yes magazines are treasures at thrift stores. Does your $50 library fee include or rowing digital books and magazines? It might be worth the price.

Unknown said...

I love magazines too. I keep a bunch because I do a lot of collage art but I love Libby as well. Have you tried RB Digital? I'm reading several magazines there free with my library card.

Jean Maurie said...

Yes Porscha, I read magazines on RB Digital and Libby. Readly has so many magazines it's amazing. I may dump apple though. I don't like their format. Texture was so much better.

That is cool about your collage art. I haven't gotten into that but I did cut a lot of stuff out of magazines over the years to make treasure maps/wish list pictures.

Jana said...

I love magazines. I end up using them for collage though like every time!