Signs We Might Miss if We're Not Tuned In

Today when I got out of the car at Wal-Mart, I looked down in the parking lot and saw a safety pin.  Hmm, is this a sign, I wondered. Then I laughed to myself.  What a dork, thinking a safety pin is a sign.  Who am I kidding?  But the thought stayed in my head. Usually I find pennies in parking lots, not safety pins.

When I got home I logged into Facebook and onto the angel group I belong to.  As one of the administrators there I private messaged the others and asked, " I saw a safety pin on the ground when I got out of the car. Do any of you think that it is a "sign" ... safety... or am I just grasping at straws?

"Hmmm...if your first instinct was that it is a sign then it probably is. I would explore what a safety pin means to you, personally." Gale replied.

Yes it was my first instinct but then I laughed. It stuck with me though so I do think it means something. I was having a lot of anxiety this morning as I went to the doctor's to get my blood drawn for cholesterol and all that malarky. I think stuff came up from my childhood with those planets retrograde and my solar return with a lot of planets in my 12th house. So the safety pin works actually.

"Perfect then," Gale said,

Ha ha, I didn't trust my judgment and had to ask. Learned something here too

"Indeed...but I think we all go through that, Jean...moments of uncertainty. Perhaps the greater lesson here was that in asking, you reminded all of us the importance of trusting our instincts."

Karen jumped in and said, "I agree with Gale trust your first instinct on seeing the pin". She went on to say, "Something you weren't looking to see and weren't even looking for as a sign but if it came to your mind as a sign then it was one."

Next Karen reminded me of a picture I'd posted on my Facebook page this morning when we got behind a slow moving tractor and added, "Just saw this and thought to myself perhaps this is another sign to relax and take it easy."

Sure enough, another sign that I missed.   "Everything is under control and everything happens in due time".   

This is especially meaningful for me too because we're downsizing, putting our house up for sale but we don't know for sure where we're going.  "Everything is under control and everything happens in due time."  I want to remember this.

I looked up safety pin in the urban dictionary and found this:  "A holy object that can be used for multiple purposes. Putting things together. A pin used for fastening things especially cloth, which has a round end into which the sharp end points, so that it is covered and cannot stick you."  Ah, protection! Nice!

Oh how I love talking to my earthly angel friends.  We help each other see things differently and we post angel messages, angel cards with so much love on the angel page.

So pay attention to your own signs.  Try not to doubt your intuition so much.  I know it's easy to doubt just like I did today but if you pay attention and trust you will probably start seeing even more signs that speak to you with meaningful messages.


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