They called me the CLUTTERBUG

As my husband and I near our 80th birthdays we decided we want to downsize.  We live in a big house with 14 stairs from the garage to the upstairs and carrying bags from the grocery store is still doable, but cumbersome.  We want a house on a single level.  So it's time to de-clutter or as Rick Wilkes from Thriving now says, "Right sizing."  What feels good to keep? What do I want to release?   

Each time we moved I packed 50 boxes of books and magazines.  I have 7 full bookcases.  Why?  Because I loved my books and had a hard time getting rid of them. I thought I was okay with this until I was on a call about clearing clutter.  As I listened to the call a lot of emotions came up.  Tears were streaming down my face.  I didn't realize how emotional I was about my cluttered bookcases.  Why was I having so much trouble releasing books?  They felt like my friends. Or maybe I thought I'd need them sometime.  How many angel books does a person need?  How many Astrology and Tarot books did I need to keep?

As Rick suggested, "hold a book in your hand and see on a scale of zero to ten how you feel about it.  If it's less than a 7 can you let it go? " He suggested tapping on any emotions that came up.  I started doing this and easily filled up 2 boxes that I took to a spiritual book store and actually made some money! I have two more boxes filled to take to the same store and two boxes filled to donate to our library for the Friends of the Library book sale.  I could send books to be sold on for an Amazon gift card.  

This is what right sizing looks like! This feels good, more peaceful.

We also cut the cable on our tv too because the prices kept rising and it just didn't feel right to pay that much anymore. We bought an outside antenna for local stations and a Roku.  Then we subscribed to sling tv and saved over $80 a month.  I feel more peaceful about releasing the TV clutter too and my TV watching habits have changed for the better. 

So if you want to experience right sizing for yourself you might want to take a look at this clearing clutter program that helped me so much.  You'll get to listen to the tapping call I was on and there will be another call this month that you can participate in.  

Clearing Clutter with EFT

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