Unemployed Angels Want Work - Hiring the Heavens

Yes there are hundreds and thousands of unemployed angels that want to work.   I didn't know that until the other day when my co-creator, Maggie Lukowski and I interviewed Jean Slatter, author of Hiring The Heavens.   Of course when I knew she was coming on our show Personal Empowerment For Your Soul, I bought the kindle version.  I could hardly put the book down.  Jean says you can hire committees of angels to help you with every aspect of your life.  You can have business meetings with your committees in your car as you drive to work or in your mind as you're walking through the grocery store.  You can ask your angels for help with anything and everything.  This is the way Jean lives her life, which she writes about in the book. She also gives examples of how other people have experienced seeming miracles by hiring their angels to help them find things, get better jobs, find their perfect doctor's, even meeting their mates.  She talked about a man who hired a Spiritual Joy Committee! 

Jean is such an enthusiastic speaker. She explained to us that she didn't want anything to do with religion and angels growing up but one day she had a profound moment that changed her life and led her on the path of hiring angels.  She says we do not need to earn our angel's help. "The payment comes in the form of currency the spiritual world knows and that is LOVE AND JOY."  Jean goes into detail about why we deserve our angel's help and on the radio program she talked about the difference between this and the Law of Attraction, which I found fascinating.

If you are struggling in your life and you're not living your dreams I suggest you listen to this uplifting and inspirational show. If it speaks to you and gets you excited you can buy the book, Hiring the Heavens by Jean Slatter.

I'm hiring, are you?

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