My Clothes Don't Like Me Anymore

Last night I was taking off one of the warm shirts I was wearing as I was getting ready for bed.  I pulled off the right sleeve and ZAP, the *%x# thing shocked me.  I actually saw the spark! Same thing with the left sleeve.  "OUCH!" I know I am prone to static electricity shocks and I usually discharge myself at the kitchen sink.  I won't even hang up my phone after getting out of my chair but to get zapped by my own clothes? Now that's not funny.

There are all kinds of suggestions to eliminate static electricity like putting dryer sheets in your pocket, tying a piece of copper wire to yourself and let it drag behind you, to buying a humidifier.  I thought I was safer since I started wearing crocs but alas even my blankets spark.  Did you ever get shocked by your blankets?(no not from what's in them) I can see the sparks as I pull them over me. When Bernie and I slide out of our chairs to give each other hugs we high five first to discharge the static electricity because sometimes our hugs or kisses leave each other speechless. 

Here are some other ideas on how to discharge ourselves from getting shocked:

Here are 3 more suggestions for static control from other sources:
"1) Walk barefoot. (Or, as silly as it may sound, cover your shoes with aluminum foil when possible to reduce the static buildup.)
2) Wear a thimble on your finger, or carry a coin, and use them to touch grounded metal objects as often as possible. This will not eliminate the static discharge, but will stop the pain you feel in your fingertips.
3) Be sure to ground yourself before touching sensitive electronic equipment." 

I need a haircut and yes, when I pull a cap off my head, my hair often looks like this.  
I've been told I have healing in my hands and I found this quote,

"Some other experiences that healers tend to have include receiving lots of static shocks- car doors always used to get me before I started healing! This I believe is a discharge of built up energy in the healer’s hands; it improves once you start using the energy. I also have had strange effects on electrical items and have gone through an awful lot of watches in my time. Again I think this is due to a build-up of energy in the aura."

Hmm I wonder if grounding exercises will help ? I practice them but not to prevent static electricity.

I just found this link about highly sensitive children and yes they are more prone to static electricity. 

So those of you who read this, tell me about your experiences of static electricity.  You can post in the comments below or under the article on Facebook.  Thanks, I would love to read them.

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