Wednesday's Free Tarot Class - SUN

Hi and welcome our Wednesday Tarot class. This week we are exploring that life-giving energy card called The Sun. Take a look at your Sun card in the Rider-Waite deck or the card above. Doesn’t it look like this child is saying, “Look Ma, no hands?” This is just about what the child is doing. This child represents the fool with nothing more to hide. Notice he is guiding the horse without using a bridle or reins. This is like the Charioteer in card 7 only the Charioteer was learning how to triumph over his own will. The child in the sun card has gained spiritual mastery and control between the subconscious mind and the conscious. Its like when we learn to play a musical instrument or learn to ski, we use the conscious part of our minds, then when we’ve practiced over and over until we finally “get” it, we let the subconscious mind take over and we can play almost by memory. All along in these series of tarot articles, we have been learning new ways to think, new ideas to work on and if we’ve followed along, we are like the naked child with nothing more to hide. Finally we are beginning to “see the light”, to be freer and more able to guide our lives with less struggle. Check out the red banner that the child is holding in his left (subconscious) hand. The red banner signifies action, vitality and fire energy. The Sun also represents the all-seeing eye.

The picture of the sun looks like a face because quabalists have taught that every human is a miniature solar system. Now that the child has learned spiritual mastery, he needs to share it with others by sharing true knowledge from his center, his heart chakra. When we open up our heart chakra’s people can see our radiant light and begin to look toward us for inspiration. The best way we can help others is to walk our talk instead of preaching and telling others what they should or shouldn’t do. When we get right with ourselves and open our hearts, we are living from our center and we begin to glow. People will say, “you look so different, did you get a new hair do, or is that a new outfit you are wearing?” We are the law of radiance, glowing, awakened and illuminating. People love to be around someone whose words, thoughts and actions are aligned with their Higher Selves and Higher Truths. You have healed your own child within and don’t need to keep your shield up anymore.

Astrologically the sun represents the sun. It rules itself because all life needs the regenerative life force from the sun to exist.

When you get this card in a reading, it means YES!!! It is a card of good news Yes your love will be back, yes you have more energy, health, happiness! If you look at the card again you’ll see a wall with sunflowers growing on top of it. Instead of facing the sun, the sunflowers are facing the child for their full development. We all are miniature suns within us and as we walk through the 19 initiates of the fool and learn each step, we, too can attain Mastery. We can help humanity on the inner planes the way the sun helps with its light on the outer. Remember that Jesus said, “Become as little children”? This doesn’t mean that we have to lose what we’ve learned but be honest and exposed.

How can you and I be more like the Sun card? Can we give up forcing our opinions on others and telling them what they should and shouldn’t do? How do we know what lesson they came into this earth plane to learn? Can we open up our hearts and love instead of judge and seek retaliation? What can we change in our own lives to make ourselves happier and more fulfilled? Have we lost the ability to play? Have we lost our childlike joy in life because we are too dedicated to the world of obligations and shoulds? Why don’t we let that beautiful child within ourselves out to enjoy the rays of the sun again! Let’s begin to be true to ourselves a little at a time until we reach that point where we know who this child is and what talents he/she has. Let’s trust our child within to teach us about who we really are.

The Sun’s Advice:

Find your joy and be excited about life
Find an exercise you enjoy and get your body moving
Get outside and into the sunshine as often as possible
Let the rays of the sun heal you inside and out
Be light and playful, be colorful

Next week we’ll be talking about judgment. Don’t shiver; it’s a pretty neat card. Come back next week and you’ll see. Until then,
Angel Hugs, Jean Maurie

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