Let's Play Treasure Mapping

Do you want to play a fun game that could help you manifest your most exciting dreams? This is called the Treasure Mapping game. A treasure map is about looking for pictures that represent what you want to manifest in your life. If you want a new car you get some automobile magazines or magazines with auto advertisements and cut out a picture of the kind of car you want, and hang it somewhere where you can see it often, like on a mirror in your bathroom or on a wall. This is just a small example of treasure mapping. What if you wanted to get married and go on a fabulous honeymoon? You could round up some travel and wedding magazines and start cutting out picture of what this looks like to you. If you wanted to go on a cruise you'd find some magazines with people having fun aboard a ship

Even better, you can get yourself a large poster board and paste or glue these pictures on it. You could buy a journal or a notebook and fill it with pictures. I've done both. It is amazing when I look back on what i pasted in my treasure map, how much I've manifested.

Catherine Ponder, author of The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity writes, "Truly nothing is impossible for the imagination to accomplish. But perhaps you are thinking, 'I am not yet well versed enough in the imagining power of the mind to get results as you have described. Isn't there some simple way I can begin training my imagination to produce such results for me?'"

Yes there is! That is why creating a treasure map for yourself is so powerful. You cut pictures out of magazines of what your desires look like and it gives your imagination a picture to focus on to produce "rich results." Some also call it a wheel of fortune. They take a poster board and draw a big circle on it and divide the circle into pie shapes, which represent different areas of their life. One can be money, another friendships, a third could be romance, and on. Each of us has our own special desires and dreams. One woman wanted to go on a vacation but she had to take care of her sick mother. She made herself a treasure map / wheel of fortune about a vacation. She was able to take her mother to Florida and was actually invited to stay at a friend's house free of charge - at the height of the winter tourist season. Her mother was able to stay warm, which helped her health improve. So see, miracles still happen.

Along with pictures you write affirmations under the pictures like - "Divine Intelligence knows where my perfect job is for me and by focusing on the kind of work I desire, Divine Guidance is bringing me my prefect job for the pay I want." Then don't watch the scary news about the economy. That only feeds into fear. You can say, "The Divine plan for my life is manifesting now in my every experience for manifesting my desired job."

If that is too wordy then make up affirmations that feel right for you. You can cut out words and phrases from magazines to create your affirmations. Let me give you a warning though. A friend wanted a baby but she forgot to put a picture of a man on her treasure map, only a picture of a woman and a baby. Guess what happened! She ended up as a single mother! So watch what put on your treasure map, watch what you wish for.

We are always creating whether we are aware of it or not. Each thought we have is a creation. It vibrates when it is sent out and the Universe immediately begins to send back experiences that vibrate at that same vibrational energy or cycle that we send out. Yes this is a bit simplistic to be sure, but the law of attraction does work.

So get some white poster board, some colorful pens and a stack of magazines, a glue stick, scissors and some creative sayings. Let's pull out our favorite inspirational books and copy phrases from them to add to our treasure maps. You can Google affirmations or if you have any of Catherine Ponder's writings you will have all kinds of uplifting affirmations to add to your treasure map/wheel of fortune. Maybe you could get together with people of like minds and have a treasure map party. Don't invite anyone who is a nay sayer or who is a downer. "You are the only thinker in your mind, Louise L Hay says so have fun with this and create the life you want for yourself. Don't give up. Add things to it, make it fresh from time to time. It does take a little time to change habits and begin thinking in different, more creative ways.

Happy Treasure Mapping !

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Renie Burghardt said...

Hi Jean,

You know, I have tried to add you to my blogs that I follow and it hasn't worked. I would like to add you so I get updates on when you have a new post. I will try again.

Treasure Mapping is an interesting concept. I know I have tried affirmations, but have never actually done treasure mapping. Certainly worth a try. And why not dream a bit. Of course, I also believe in the power of prayer!

Happy Spring!