Do Dreams foretell the future or they digestive upsets?

Are dreams wishful thinking, digestive upsets or can they tell the future? Tell me what you think after reading my strange story. This is from my journal, page 1610

On the night of September 27, 1965 I dreamed I was in a very unusual plane that had no top. It was a giant vehicle and I knew it was on a test run. I was forced to go in this plane by two strange men. My son was with me and we were terrified.

We flew into a jungle-like area and the air felt steamy and oppressive. Dark skinned people were running terrified down these huge mountains. They were screaming and crying and the air was filled with thick smoke, steam and hot rain! Our plane seemed to soar over these mountains and because it was topless I felt drops of hot rain burning my scalp. I told my son to shield his head with his hands so his hair wouldn't catch on fire.

Suddenly I awakened and my head was burning. I sat up in bed and felt my head but it didn't feel hot. I walked into the bathroom, turned on the light and peered closely at my scalp in the mirror expecting to find blisters, but I saw nothing unusual. The experience was so vivid that I wrote it down in my journal and went back to sleep.

The next night I related the dream to my spiritual group. Jane remembered the volcano eruption in the pacific that was uppermost in the news. She showed me the newspaper, the headlines screaming, "2000 islanders vanish as Philippine volcano erupts!" The article went on to say that a long dormant volcano erupted, sending flames and smoke towering 15,000 feet in the air. "The eruption set off towering electrical storms which spectators described as terrifying. Ash and lava rained for miles around .. thousands watching from the outer shores of Lake Taal were covered in mud - a mixture of ash and lava thrown up with mountains of water."

Our group met weekly to discuss spiritual topics and do automatic writing. So we asked our guide who called himself Enzee about the dream and he said yes it was my dream and was a prediction and was given to me for proof that I was psychic. He said, "now do you believe? " We were all totally amazed! We felt like I had been shown this volcanic eruption in astral travel.

I recently found this article in my journal and had to Google the eruption just to make sure it really happened and to my amazement there it was, "On September 28, 1965, Mt. Taal erupted again, launching a cloud of steam over 10 miles into the air and sending fiery rocks hissing into the surrounding lake. The lava flow from the blast killed 350 people. Taal still erupts to this day, a constant threat to the people that share the island with it." Since they are 12 hours ahead of us, it was happening at the time of my dream.


Lori L. Clark Art said...

Very nice! I wish I would have kept all of my automatic writings.

Jean Maurie said...

I think, I hope that I have a notebook filled with them. I hope I didn't throw it away or something when we moved.

Suzanne Lanoue said...

It's called coincidence. You probably have had many other dreams and told people about them, and they did not make any connection. You just got particularly lucky on this one. That kind of thing happens all the time, like say you are thinking about a song and you turn on the radio and it's there. Even though there are many other times you are thinking of a song and turn on the radio and it's not there. That one stands out because of the coincidence. Statistically, coincidences can happen quite often.