I Confess - Day 4

They were the magazines our mother's didn't want us to read. So we hid them under things and read them when we were alone, under the covers maybe or at a friend's house?

These were the Confession Magazines. 

I wanted to write stories for them so I signed up for a Confession Writing Course from the Writer's Digest School. I was so excited when my course arrived in the mail.

I didn't own a typewriter so I borrowed one from Mother. All was going well until she found out what I was writing. She insisted I return her typewriter saying, "God doesn't want you to be writing those stories!" I was livid!  But I didn't let her stop me.  My husband was a typewriter repairman and he found me a good deal.

Typing handwritten Confession stories

I sold my lesson that I'd written for class! I remember getting the letter of acceptance in the mail! I was so excited!! I went on to sell about 20 more stories in different magazines.

Some of the magazines that featured my stories

Unfortunately the Confession magazines don't exist anymore. But since we sold all rights we can't sell them again. It would be nice if the publishers released our rights back to us. I'd like to put them into an ebook and sell them again. But I could write more if I wanted and self publish if I wanted. Those were fun times and I moved on to other interests like Astrology, Tarot and Angel Cards. Life isn't boring.


Bonnie Cehovet said...

Quite interesting! And we do tend to move on as we experience more of life, don't we.

Effy said...

I used to LOVE those magazines! It sucks that you no longer own the copyright, but I really love the idea of you writing more and self-publishing them!

Ellie-TheForgottenMuse said...

I used to see those magazines in the rack now and then, but I never got to read them. I think by the time I was "old enough" they might not have been around.

It is quite a shame that you didn't get your rights back. I wonder if there is some sort of clause maybe that since they are out of business/print the rights might have reverted back.

Gypsy said...

What a really great story! Nice personal history! It always amazes me how many lives we live in just one.

Rach K said...

How awesome. I think it sounds a brilliant idea to write more and self publish!