Another Skipped Day - 13

So I didn't blog yesterday.  I was dealing with IBS pain.  Not excruciating but stressful.   I know that eventually it will ease up but I was glad I had turned down an invitation to eat Easter Dinner out.  Instead, I cleaned house.  I have a chiropractic appointment this afternoon and I like to have the house vacuumed before I go.   This way I will have time to relax and let the adjustment "take".  It felt good to get that out of the way and the rest of the day I just relaxed as best as I could.

Our son called right after I put dinner in my instant Pot.  He and his wife are packing to move and their living room is filled with boxes.  I so remember how that felt.  We moved two years ago with major downsizing.  Yes it is very stressful.   Thankfully I didn't pick up on his stress this time as I've been practicing not taking it on.

After taking a shower, I decided to turn to my tapping app from The Tapping Solution.   I listened and tapped along with pain in my body.  (I am not being compensated for any of this) 

After tapping on this in the app and realizing what was bothering me I cried and tapped some more. Then I fell asleep. It was 10pm. I never go to sleep that early. I woke up around 11:30, brushed my teeth and got ready to go back to sleep. Surprisingly enough I did fall back to sleep and slept for nine hours! I seldom sleep that long either but I don't have the pain this morning and I feel so much better.  Thank you tapping and thank you Archangel Raphael and my personal healing angel.

I'm blogging in April with Effy Wild.  


Sue B said...

I'm so glad that the tapping helped and that you feel much better and more refreshed today, Jean. Hope your chiropractor's appointment will help, too. Take care.

Rach K said...

I hope the chiropractor's appointment went well and glad the tapping helped.

Jean Maurie said...

Thank you Sue B. I do feel better and I find tapping helps with so many things. Thank you for replying.

Jean Maurie said...

Thank you Rach K, yes the chiropractor did help. Tapping is wonderful and I love to introduce it to people. It doesn't take the place of other things, it is just another wonderful too. Thank you for replying.

Effy said...

I'm so glad you woke up pain free. <3