Day 11 A Field of Wishes

I saw this picture on my friend's Facebook page and it spoke to me. 


Remember when we were children and blew these, watching these puffy seeds float off into the air? It felt magical.

What if we were able to get our wishes fulfilled just by blowing on these dandelions?  What would we wish for? What if we received our wishes as soon as we asked for them?  Sometimes I think we'd be sorry we wished for this or that because we hadn't though it through how our life might change.

What would you wish for? Of course I'd wish for good health, love, peace, healing for our country and the world.  But I wouldn't mind a nice lottery winnings, more creative ideas among other things.

I'd love to read about your wishes if you'd like to share.


Just Me said...

Oh... those pictures, Jean. So soothing. Thank you. I wish for a kinder, gentler world for my grans and for children everywhere. ♡

Jean Maurie said...

Thank you Just Me, I wish for the same ❤️❤️

Unknown said...


I’d wish for lifetime good health, lifetime financial security, lifetime husband so we die together, huge critical acclaim and financial success as an artist , an improved economy so many many more Americans get good jobs, and a huge lottery winning of millions.......ha!