Frustrated Guardian Angels

Do our angels really get frustrated with us?  Do they really look like this when we ask for guidance and don't follow their help?

Today I was talking with a client who was frustrated that she was asking for guidance and wasn't hearing anything.   As we talked, she learned that indeed she was getting guidance but not following it.  She admitted she was skeptical.  That made me think of this image of this angel meme that I'd seen many times. I forget what my angels tell me what to do too.  I told her and we laughed about the angel image.

I never liked the picture because I had this impression that our angels never got upset with us, that they understood.  I am sure they do understand our humanness.  But I wonder, do they ever just cover their eyes and shake their heads?  I know angels are supposed to be without personalities.  People do ask for their angel's names.  I was in a class where the teacher told us we each had a healing angel and instead of giving me it's name, she said to ask myself.  I did and got his name.  I even saw a face that looked human.  I have gotten much help from him since.  

So what do you think?  I am sure that even if they do get frustrated with us from time to time they still love us.  And during these times maybe we can be more loving and compassionate to ourselves.  Maybe we can think of our frustrated angels and laugh a little.

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