Happy Birthday Daddy

January 12 1917 my Daddy was born.  He would be 97 today if he had lived.  He died on a cold March day in 1949 at only 32 years old.  It seemed the whole town of Wenonah, NJ came out for his funeral because he was so well liked.  He would take the shirt off his back and give it to someone if they needed it. 

He was a volunteer fireman and after fire drill practice he'd bring the guys home and fix onion rings or french fries for everyone.  Those were fun times.   Jack had a set of drums and I remember he'd turn on his Glenn Miller recordings and drum to the music.  I loved hearing him drumming but when he got out his harmonica I would start to cry and Mommy took me out for a walk.  I've never figured out why the harmonica made me cry.

Daddy as a child


Me and Dad
Me and Dad at his gas station
When I was going through my surgeries as a child and so scared, my Daddy would hold my hand while they put the scary ether mask over my face.  That always helped soothe me. 

July 4th I got to sit next to him in the firetruck and ring the bell as he drove me and the other kids around town. It was fun.  After he owned his own gas station they decorated my bicycle with empty oil cans, other paraphernalia, and signs saying "My Daddy's Station is open now." I rode it in the parade and received an honorable mention.

Me with my decorated bike for 4th of July parade

Jack had a good sense of humor and when Mom asked him where he was going he'd say, "I'm going to wind the clock at City Hall." 

I also remember some of my friends would come over and we'd  would start a monopoly game with Dad that lasted for days. 

There were good memories and not so good memories but isn't that the way with most families.  

Daddy will have been gone almost 65 years now and that's a long time in earth years.  I sometimes wonder where he is - still in spirit or has he reincarnated?  I had one reading when he came in and apologized for having left so early.  He gave me flowers and said he wished he'd gotten to know his son, my brother.

So Happy Birthday to you Daddy, it would have been nice to have you in my life longer so you could meet my husband, son, granddaughter and great grandsons. 

I would like one more dance with you. So let's make it a date for when I pass over and we'll dance together ♥♥


MO Min Pin Rescue said...

What a beautiful post! Thank you for sharing!

Jean Maurie said...

Thank you for commenting Lori. It was heartfelt and I am looking forward to dancing with him again some day. Hope not too soon though.

Unknown said...

I loved the post and loved the pictures too

Jean Maurie said...

Thank you Leslie. I enjoyed writing about my father. He was funny too.