Tiny Apartment in New York City

I was sitting here cleaning out some old emails and came across this video of a very small apartment this lady lives in. She's a writer and lives in New York City. She has organizational skills or this wouldn't work for her. As I was watching the video I almost had trouble breathing. No way could I live in a space this small.

 I remember one summer we borrowed a camper from a friend my husband works with so we could see if we liked camping. It was way too small. I think I stayed one night and then went home the next day.

Way back when, I dreamed of living in New York City for a year. It didn't happen but I thought about it for years. My cousin lived there and invited me to spend the weekend with her. This was back in 1954 and what a wonderful weekend it was. I sometimes wonder why I didn't ask her to help me find a job and a place to live in the city. I have no regrets now, thank goodness. This video of the lady's small living space brought back memories for me. Do you think you could live in a space this size?

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