I need a WTF basket

I'm trying to organize clutter in my office. Whenever I do this, for some reason I get all tense. I started a pile of little things I didn't know what to do with and I felt more tense. So I stopped and did some tapping (EFT)on why I get tense when I start to declutter. I felt myself relax but I still had a pile of miscellaneous papers on my lap. What to do with them?

I love baskets, so suddenly I got the idea of getting myself a WTF basket. I could start throwing miscellaneous papers in there. But is that uncluttering? Or am I creating more clutter?

I have my bills organized and paid on time, I get my library books back on time - usually, so why does clutter clutter up my brain? Maybe its a deeper issue that I need to delve into, maybe I love my clutter. After all when I was on CB radio I was known as the clutterbug when I wasn't called other names. I don't have boxes piled up to the ceiling so it's not like I'm a hoarder - I'm just messy. Sometimes I really love my clutter until I start thinking I "should" have a neat and tidy office. I read an article where clutter isn't necessarily bad, its the sign of a creative mind. I've also read articles that say get rid of your clutter so you unclutter your mind and life!

I think there is an easier way to deal with clutter and I just told myself I am in control. So I'm sitting here writing about it instead of DOING it and I feel much better.

So if anyone knows where to get a WTF basket please let me know. Thanks


Intense Guy said...

I had a good laugh at the expression on that cat!

I need a "get it the heck out of here" basket! ...for stuff I should have trashed ages ago.

MO Min Pin Rescue said...

I think it's a generational thing. The clutter, the holding on to things for "just in case" or even for no good reason at all. I bet if you talked to other people your age, you'd see that you are so not alone in the cluttering. If they say they aren't hindered by it... ask their kids, they'll be hones. :)