Playing in the Snow

This is our 4th big snowfall this winter in the mountains of North Carolina. We've lived here for ten years and this has been quite a winter - colder and more snowy than we've experienced up until now. When we lived in Florida we imagined how cozy being snowed in would be. We've been snowed in now 4 times. In a way it is still adventurous but we're getting tired of the winter. I can't see any point in complaining. We like to take one day at a time and find the blessing in it. Daylight savings time starts in 1 1/2 weeks, maybe the weather will take a hint. I wonder if the snow God's know this :)

I need to get exercising so next year when it snows again I can actually get down and build a big ole snow person. Yeah it was cold but hey a nice warm shower followed :)


MO Min Pin Rescue said...

In deed! I bet your butt was getting cold!

Unknown said...

Don't we usually stand up to build a snowman...looks like you are sitting down on the job........Ho Ho Ho

Pig does understand!

Jean Maurie said...

LOL on the cold butt Lori :)

Sparkle, I didn't know you were reading my blogs. Cluck Cluck.

Thanks you two for reading it :)